Finished: Frileuse Hat. Gotten: Brioche Hat.

I’m still knitting some wristwarmers to go with it. And it isn’t blocked yet. But I don’t want to wait any longer showing you it. I love it!

It’s perfect! Fitting is perfect, colours are perfect, it’s such a lovely hat to wear!
I really should block it and show pictures of it on my head. But my head is in no state to be shown. And for blocking I probably need to take it off…

Aww…. so nice. Pity I can’t show the true colours, there’s so much life in them. It often is, in handspun yarn.

I just worked to the end of the hat and then used Jenny’s amazingly stretchy bind off. If I want I can thread a ribbon through the holes of that bind off, to tie it more closer around my head. Or a small round i-cord.

The scarf is knitted separately and then attached to the hat, using two stitches of the hat for every stitch of the scarf, so it will sit snuck around the neck.
Except for the last five stitches of the scarf, those are paired with one stitch of the hat each.

I put a little love elf at the end (the beginning) of the hat.

This idea I got from a friend I visited the other day, she gave me owls to garnish my knitwear with. What a nice idea!
That’s why at first I put an owl on the Frileuse hat but later on I thought I’d rather keep the owls together, and say put them on paired knitwear such as socks or mittens.

So I changed it for this love elf.
Which suits the yarn because there were elves involved in it.
I like to make little references in my daily things like that. It’s like crocheting the fabric of life: little loops that tell stories of previous loops. In nice and soft woolen words.

Here are the owls:

As I said, I got them when I visited a knitter friend. The thing with visiting knitting friends is that it seems we always bring things. We never meet empty handed, it’s like we underscore our mutual appreciation with something that has a ribbon around it.
I brought her soap and a promised skein.
She gave me amazing food, owls and …. a Brioche Hat!

It’s The Brioche Hood Hat, by Valdis Vrang.
A lovely vintage like pattern, straight from my queue and favourites, in a colour that is amaaazingly blue (and suits me probably like no other blue does).

This pattern can be worn in many different ways, all reminiscent of the ’20s, one of my favourite periods in fashion (Art Deco). Hats like this, cloches, suit my face like no other.

So yeah. Gobsmacked by this gift! And so thrilled.
Handmade gifts really are the best!

This friend also had put a lot of thought into the food she served me. With all my quirky can/can’t haves she came up with some things to broaden my horizon.
There was sushi, which is one of my favourites anyway, but this was handmade sushi! Home made hand made sushi. Very good. Want to try that myself.

And some sort of energy bar, with just quinoa, dates and chocolate.
Today I tried to replicate it, with Amaranth, but my popping skills leave a lot to be desired:

Never mind. I’ll just be eating chocolates instead. Wearing my Frileuse hat, petting my Brioche Hood Hat and doing some spinning. And cherishing the knitter friends I have.

My fridge, in the middle of the cabin. Filled with owls en elves.
Laughing elves and owls and gnomes


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