Weird Wool Wednesday: City Idylle

So I’m in the city now. I installed myself in the little garden, to spin the Hampshire Down:

(do you see Lillepoes sitting there?)

I’m very proud of this little garden. It is small (3×4 m/yd) and it is at the back of the house at a crossroad where people leaving the city by foot pass a lot and try to look in from two sides. It faces north and is under two big chestnut trees. And it’s on top of our cellar so there’s no soil on the ground.

I designed it myself: a dense hedge and raised plant boxes in varying height. Different places to sit. The plant species are suitable for shade: Fern, Anemone, Aquilegia, Geranium, Ribes, Digitalis. And roses who reach for the sun.

There are always greens to be seen and nearly always something in bloom. I played a lot with varying shapes of leaves.

This is my view at the moment:

(the carton box holds batts to be carded into rolags. It sits on top of my box with handcarders.)

Ahhh, city idylle.

It’s a good thing my garden looks good because over here the neighbours value appearances. In this street, you need to wear heels and make up when you leave your house. Even if it’s just to sit in your little back garden because people will peer through the hedge or through the curtains.

You need to especially look superior when spinning wool.
doing what now?
Hey honey, come have a look! What’s that strange girl from next door doing over there?

And what are those swampy things hanging from the rose arbor?!!

Those would be my Lingerie Socks, the ones I overdyed green. I wear them all the time now! They need a little wash now and again. Sorry, neighbours. I can hear the house prices plummeting.

(PS. the white rose is a Clamis Castle Rose by David Austen. I brought it from our previous house with a south facing big garden. It finally feels at home now after years of pampering in my little northern city garden.) (proud you say? don’t know what you mean… I’m sorry, English is not my frist language… olooksocks!)


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