A sudden urge to braid

I don’t know what comes over me, I have the sudden urge to braid.
And by urge I do mean URGE.

I did some braiding four years ago:

This are traditional flat braids. Like the kind you do with 3 strands, taking the outer strand and placing it in the middle, from the left, from the right, from the left, from the right.
Only this one has more strands and you play around with over and under.

It’s a traditional braiding pattern and I don’t know its name. I saw it in an old magazine and I just grabbed some yarn and started.

I couldn’t believe that the same “pattern” yields four different braids like this. The pattern is the same, only the colours and their starting positions vary.

It blew my little mind.

And today I feel that same storm building. So I will braid again. Flat braids only.

I’m going against the grain because these days making round braids is a big thing. Especially the Japanese way of kumihimo. It uses a round disc and produces not-flat braids. From wikipedia:

It is possible to make flat kumihimo braids but it’s still a 3D braid, in my opinion. Just a squashed one. Like double weaving, it’s still two layers.

The other kind of “braiding” that’s hot again is inkle weaving (and tablet weaving and backstrap weaving).
With weaving you have one set of strings going cross ways and another set going perpendicular. You can make all kinds of patterns. And it’s flat.

This is Jo Anslow’s first inkle project, impressive!
My first Inkle loom project
That’s clearly weaving.

As I’m still boggled by plain old flat braids that’s what I’ll be doing.


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