spinning colours under the tree

I should show you the little braiding studies I did this weekend. It was fun.

But instead of taking the few little pictures I need to illustrate it…. I’ve been spinning all my free time, sitting outside under the beech in the beautiful weather we are having.

I’m spinning a dent in that fibre exchange I told you about, where we exchanged bits of 20 grams.

Just tonight I started some nice purple rolls, they are rolled so loosely I can draft backwards and let the twist even out, just as with rolags and Long Draw:

(it’s on top of the Hampshire Down, which I’m also spinning. This is a big nono amongst spinners because now I’m forced to finish the purple rolls first before I can continue with the Hampshire Down. What is I run out of purple steam? What if I’m attacked by a Hampshire craving? Well, there are always empty bobbins to be filled. The Hampshire Down is a 2 ply so it needs a partner bobbin filled anyway before it can be used.)

There were orange irregular singles which I pleid with a very thin thread of silk hanky I drafted quickly. I quite like drafting hankies!
I see possibilities for the stack of gorgeous red purple hankies in the top picture!

With this orange yarn, I’d like to see up close if there’s something I can learn about the appropriate intensity of colour and thickness of a thread when you want to ply it with a single. I have a feeling this silk is too bright for the single. Tomorrow will tell.

And I finished plying the turtles of that lovely Mountain Queen spindle spun. I found another lonesome turtle this morning so had to ply that one too, with itself. A pleasure when it’s wind up precisely.

It has to rest now. Tomorrow I can skein it and then I know how much meters I spun.


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