Farm- and Countryfair Aalten 2014

This weekend I’m at the Countryfair in Aalten. On Friday and Sunday I’m a host in the wool-tent, hosting the knitters’ table of our knitting group.

On Saturday I participate in the national spinning competition for a consistent thread of a certain thickness. In the morning we spin sockweight, in the afternoon aran.

I made an album on for you to enjoy.
If that link does not work, just click on one of the pictures, please.

Here are some highlights:
Countryfair Aalten 2014

Countryfair Aalten 2014

Entrance to the wool tent. “Beware, goat blessings come from above”:
Countryfair Aalten 2014

Clomps around handspun socks. I want clomps like these, they are traditionally made in Eenrum in the Groningen but I’ll have to go there myself because they won’t sell online because they want to guarantee perfect fit.
Countryfair Aalten 2014

Fierce contest in the S-factor:
Countryfair Aalten 2014

best coffee on the fair:
Countryfair Aalten 2014

Taking the cow for a walk. This breed, Brandrood Rund, is old and very friendly.
Countryfair Aalten 2014

a steam punk pop corn maker!
Countryfair Aalten 2014

collection of old lawn mowers:
Countryfair Aalten 2014


3 thoughts on “Farm- and Countryfair Aalten 2014

  1. Paarse trippen… whaaaaaa. Maar goed dat ze geen webwinkel hebben (ik heb 2 paar klompen en loop niet veel op klompen. Maar jeeee, paarse trippen….)

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