Weird Wool Wednesday: the Dutch Mountains

This is my house today.

1. The carded Heideschaap, ready to be spun in a sturdy yarn.

2. This year’s Hampshire Down, freshly washed. And by “freshly” I mean I pulled it out of the bacterial fermentation it’d been stewing in for three weeks. It stank! There was orange biofilm. Award shows were being planned.
I spend yesterday hosing it down and washing it with clean water and wool detergent. At 22 hr. at night I was getting rid of excess water in the laundry centrifuge. I’d put lavender oil under my nose.

Now that it’s drying the smell is going away but it had to dry outside last night because it was terrible.
I’d rather have moths in this fleece than have that smell in my house. That says something a lot!

3, 4, 5 and 6. One of the best fleeces in the whole country! Nearly 17 million people and only 17 fleeces or so to go around. I’m a winner!
It’s Wool Merino, bred solely for its fleece. The sheep are tended to throughout the year for their fleece quality: good food, good health, a little jacket to keep the wool from getting dirty and a shearer who shears for sheep and fleece, not for speed and money.

It’s so soft!
With amazing crimp. And already sorted: on the left the best parts, on the right second choice (still excellent! picture 5 is of this part)(!!!)
I’m actually intimidated by this fleece and will spend a few months petting it and pondering before dare prep it.

7. Last year’s Hampshire Down rolags still to be spun. On the left the rolags are too tight, they won’t spin well. I need to fluff them up until they’re as airy as the wool on the right.

pet pet ponder ponder (Some of unwashed Wool Merino, straight from the bag):


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