Green Tunic: finishing touches

Now the green dress is really finished. I added a little pocket and a green satin bow. The pocket to keep my ear plugs and hydrocortisone (instead of in my bra) and the green bow to keep the empire waist in place.

I picked up four stitches at the bottom and worked garter rows, picking up additional stitches at each side.

I also made a dress to wear under it that has shirring (elastic gathering) at the waist. This shows off better the fitted knitting than the store bought dress I wore under it earlier.

Again, it’s all about the curve in the small of my back. And about concaving under my breasts. That last thing is well illustrated by Eddie Izzard in his tour Sexie (in the transcript, it at the end of the paragraph called “Origami Wizards” but it’s better seen in the video of his tour Sexy)(NB Eddie Izzard uses explicit language)


My dress is just a tube with some smocking in the middle. I found out my circumference at bust and hip are about the same, when they have their wearing ease added.
And waistshaping like this in the middle omits the needs for darts or a zipper. Easy sewing!

It’s made of an adorable printed, soft cotton batiste:

Oh look, French seams and a finely rolled hem. Such style! (those are embroidery scissors, for scale)

Here I am not wearing it at the Countryfair:

This was on the Friday, when it was too cold for sheer batiste. And I still had to finish the biais band around the neck line. But I wore it on the Sunday, the cotton dress and the green tunic. It worked very well, the shirring and the fitted knitting.

In the picture I’m spinning Long Draw. I’ve tilted my wheel to the left. I’m also turned to the left. Not very ergonomic, I’m sure, but my right shoulder loves it and I’m very relaxed spinning this way so I just enjoy it.

Talk about enjoyment, today I’ve had complaints that I ought to be fixing the rainy weather instead of knitting sweet little pockets on green dresses:


2 thoughts on “Green Tunic: finishing touches

    • thank you! It’s my first 🙂
      I want all my cardi’s and dresses to have little pockets. And some to have big pockets. Dramatic pockets where you can trust your hands in deep and then walk in big strides! But only when wearing a wide ruffled skirt. Yes.

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