Frileuse Mitts and Plying Skills

I started some mitts to go with the Frileuse Hat:

This pattern is Sand Dollar Mitts by Ulrike Fawns. It starts with a nice flowery star. Afterwards you knit across the palm of the hand sideways. Then a thumb:

For Tour de Fleece 2014 things are going well.
Yesterday and today I plied the singles of the Heideschaap. I plied them with a commercial lace yarn and a silk cobweb.
It involved some impressive hand coördination:

I did an experiment of spinning two singles onto the same bobbin and then plying them simultaneously.
There still was some discrepancy between the speed/circumference the two threads were released from the bobbin meaning I had to keep one under tension with my right hand while I plied four threads with my left.
I won’t repeat this experiment.

Here are the two halves onto the same bobbin. With a Louet S10 bobbin held close for scale:

Glad it’s done!
This yarn is about half of the white mountain of carded Heideschaap. It’s about 600 m of nice round aran yarn. I think I’ll ply it again, cabling it. But then I’ll wind it into a center pull ball first so I can ply from the outside and inside.

Any next singles will be spun onto the bobbin and wound into a center pull ball first before plying.

The yarn is really nice, with the three different fibres going on. It will dye splendid I think.


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