Rockefeller shawl in progress and a Photography Project: synchroonkijken

Rockefeller is coming along nicely.

The colours are stunning!

This last picture I entered in an online photography project that’s running in the Netherlands this week: Synchroonkijken. (“looking in sync”)

Over 2000 people participate, taking a picture each day. They get pinned to a special board on Pinterest by the initiator Else Kramer. She’s a photographer who likes people to take better pictures. Especially in social media and in their professional life.
She has a Dutch site and an English one.
She shares her knowledge for free. Or you can get in dept advice for a price.
I like her attitude and approach and learned from her.

Here are the links to the daily pinterest board for each day and my picture for the topic of that day:

1. Pinterest board for “naar de knoppen kijken” = “staring at buttons” and these “bottons” include the round endpoints of pins and needles and buttons you can turn. But buttons you have on clothes are not included (those are called “knopen”, not “knoppen”).
Also in Dutch “to the buttons” is a reference to “going bust”. Putting some of the other entries into perspective for you.

2. Pinterest board for “Frustration”

3. Pinterest board for “Orange” (on this day the Netherlands played the semi-finals in the world games of football. (“soccer” to Americans”)

4. Pinterest board for “Beauty”
Lots of cats where submitted for this topic. I tried to have a bit of an uncommon picture. I like the shapes and outline. And Lillepoes’ white toes!

5. pinterest board for day 5: “the backside”

6. pinterest board for “Stripes”
We were asked to zoom in and only show the stripes.

7. Today, the final, Pinterest board for “your favourite ingrediënt”
I chose the ganache with whipped cream I ate today. This is soooo good! I eat it every day. Twice.


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