Weird Wool Wednesday: working green

There was only one thing I wanted to do this Summer:

work with green wool.

Knit some green yarn.
Spin some green fibre.
Just work with lovely, misty, tranquil greens.

Then why is this still on the needles?

And why did I treadle kilometers of white yarn?

Why did I try to spin this Autumn coloured silk?

And why did this fiber blend for sock yarn arrive at my house yesterday??

(it’s aBFL, Corriedale, Nylon blend, handdyed by Dutch Wool Diva, colorway Skin Deep)

And why did I pause the Gnome yarn and is this currently on my wheel???

And why this waiting to be spun next????

Why? WHY? WHY?

is it because

(it reads: “purple is a góód green!”_

I want to work with proper greeeeeeen woooooool!

I want Tranquil green

Sophisticated green

Fairy House green

The reason I have no green wool in my hands probably has to do with it requiring that I dig out the dye pot first. I do know where it is, in theory…
And then I’d have to think about weights and ratios. Try to measure “a little dash of this” and “a fair glug of that”.
And then I’d have to cook wool. And I don’t cook much these days…

It’s much easier to grab some (purple) fiber and just sit out on the porch spinning.
Looking at all the greens in my garden:

Which are 2 m high stalks of raspberries that won’t bear fruit until November and then they’ll be all tangy because they didn’t get enough sunshine. Besides, I’m in no raspberry mood in November. Rasppberry is Summer fruit!
If I had only chopped them down last June I would have had some proper Summer raspberries in 2015…

And I’m not even showing you the brambles clogging all walking paths in our foresty patch (forest = no sun = no black berries) nor that terrible Spirea Douglasii (“Hardhack”) that’s now everywhere.
Or all the seeds I didn’t sow last Spring… and all the vegetables en flowers that didn’t grow…

Is it just me or does green really make you work for it?


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