matching fibre, colour and project

I can’t get the Autumny throw for the cabin in the woods. But I can get a change of colours for the house in the city. It’s been the same for 10 years now and although I’m not about to paint the walls or anything I can paint with wool.

This is my inspiration:

I dyed the rug yarn I spun in Tour de Fleece:

The yarn I dyed is pretty tough, it’s excellent for a cushion on the floor or a rug underneath our feet.

I decided to felt a soft blanket to go with it, to snuggle with on the couch. And if it can prevent the black cat from scratching our vintage furniture, all the better. I had an idea in mind and gathered all the wool that fitted: a base of carded blue (this will felt in a minute!) and all kinds of spinning fibres that I didn’t feel like spinning. Either because the fibres were matted or because it was just too slippery or the colour too bright.

I laid it all out:

Stunning combination!

I quickly realised two things:

  1. it’s too blue. It does not match the inspiration picture. So I decided to change the blue with a white base I have lying around here. (I was going to dye it with fern leaves and make a wizzards’ robe out of it… but since I have not done so in the past 3 years I think I’ll repurpose it. Printing with fern is magic though!)
  2. I need to come up with a good plan for distributing the colours.

Let me explain about 2.
Where I to sprinkle the colours wherever I felt likt, the result would be pretty random. Nice and fun, no doubt, but also “handmade” and quirky.

I love me some handmade quirky but mainly in the cabin in the woods. Not so much in the house in the city. We gotta look sophisticated there, if you remember. A non-quirky throw would fit the living room much better too, a felted blanket that’s not overly random and crazy coloured with all kinds of wiggly shapes and textures.

The solution I thought up is this: felt two or three planes. Each distinctive different, for example one white with green; one white yellow blue and the third one white with just a few squiggly coloured silks. Divide the planes into squares and sew them together. It will still be plenty handmade and quirky, just more sophisticated.

Or I can make strips and weave with them. Or use the hapes and techniques of the syrmak from Kazachstan or the shyrdak from Kyrgyzstan. Stunning!

So that’s what I’m thinking about, at the moment. The rug is a project for August.


For the blue carded wool I thought it’d be nice to sprinkle it with soft white curls, like Wensleydale, and make some sort of hooded blanket out of it. Something to hide in come Winter.

I happen to have some curls so I hauled them out.

White Wensleydale and gray Gottland.

Unfortunately they are already pretty matted and felted:

These need just a little soap and water and you’ve got a fabric with locks.

Here’s the back of the Gottland:

So there goes that plan. These are not the curls for that blue carded fleece… Now what can I do with these? I think pretty much the same as with the throw for Den Bosch’ living room: divide into shapes and use the shapes. Strips probably for these. Perhaps a ridge on a bag? Or a hat? Or something to throw over your shoulders? I’m thinking about this too. Funny how one project for August turns into 3 other felting projects…

The back of the Wensleydale, it’s just the same, the yellow is the back, the white is the front still visible:


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