hacking the Louet to spin really thin

This is how I interlace my vintage Louet to spin very thin singles. Interlacing to reduce the pull of this bobbin lead wheel. Notice the usage of the first two hooks.

Yes I’m still spinning the sock yarn. Each day I place my wheel outside, under the beech. I take little breaks and sit there, spinning. The cat keeps me company.

This is a lovely coloured project. Normally I don’t go for the subdued colours but I really enjoy it. It’s very zen. Not very loud to the eyes. I’m looking forward to how the resulting yarn will be, colourwise.

This is halfway the second bobbin. The first is on the left, finished. There is to be third.

I divided the long roving in three segments. I noticed that two segments had the same colour sequence: coral reds to purple. They were dyed next to each other and identical.
One piece I spun from reds to purple and the other one from purple to red. When they are plied together I’ll have a sockyarn that’s evenly mixed in colours. I won’t end up with one red sock and one purple.

The third segment looks like this:

I’ll be spinning it from end to end: blue – pink – grey – pink – blue
That too will distribute the colours evenly over the two socks.

Unfortunately this wheel spinning is hurting my shoulder a bit. So I need to pay attention to that. It helps to do good fiber prep. That third segment needs to be fluffed up extensively so drafting will a breeze.
Very loose fiber also makes spinning thin more easy.

I’m a bit stubborn with the shoulder, I want to spin this, I want to felt that throw and I want to knit the Rockefeller. All three things hurt.
Perhaps it’s time to change it up with spindle spinning again because that doesn’t hurt my shoulder at all. And there’s some lovely silks asking to be spun…

For now I’ll just spin/felt/knit a little longer….
Good posture, relaxed shoulders and doing them only for short bursts of time go a long way.

Sunny spots under the beech tree:


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