Knitting at Dusk

Good morning
Yesterday I started the pillow cover from the Heideschaap:

On needles 8 mm, using slipped stitches. It feels like knitting with rope, it’s a very physical thing.

This is how far I got working my way through episode two of a British detective series they’ve filmed twice: once while speaking English, once while speaking Welsh. Welsh is an interesting language to hear and Wales is a stunning country: beautiful and unsettling at the same time.
The series’s called Hinterland in English and Y Gwyll in Welsh which translates to “At Dusk”

We saw the first episode in Welsh, with English subtitles, and the second episode in English. It doesn’t sound as good in English as it does in Welsh. But it makes the knitting easier.
My husband ruined the series a bit by pondering aloud how the logistics of the filming is done, making it in two languages. Killing people twice and so on. Then he pointed out that it’s probably why in most scenes there is no talking.

What at first was an atmospheric viewing experience with lots of emphasize on landscape and textures and camera angles is now just a logistical gimmick… thanks a lot, dear.

Anyway, it is 5 o’clock in the morning here. I’m already up and about due to a Sleep Restriction Therapy I’m doing. It’s ok, it beats lying awake. But it makes for bad pictures of knitting.

The pattern is Grandma’s Favourite Dishcloth for the diagonal knitted square in garter stitch.
Then I alternated colours and slipped stitches to make a flower on a stem with a leaf. I carry the three colours up the side (the yellow I just snipped as it doesn’t feature much).

Looking at this with fresh eyes I’m thinking: “Why all the hassle of the slipped stitches for just one feature? Why not make a striped square and do surface crochet when you’re finished?

That sounds reasonable. Slipped stitches make more sense when you’re doing them every few stitches in a row. That’s when you get hats like Courtyard or socks like these:

Courtyard Hat by Melissa Thomson

You don’t need to fiddle with slipped stitches and cabled stiches when you only want a single flower. Besides, fiddling with rope on 8 mm needles (a tad too small for the yarn, for sturdy results) is tiring!

Surface crochet also makes it easier to create a stylished flower of my liking. (Oh. That no English?)
Well, what I mean to say is that for this pillow and the rug I’ll make from surplus yarn I wanted abstracted flower shapes. Like the Pullover with Ruffles by Vladimira (Cmorej) Ilkovicova:

8 o’clock in the morning, picture in clear morning light:

I had reasonably decided to leave the slipped stitches and just knit stripes from now on and do surface crochet afterwards. Then I remembered I don’t like thin stripes. One bit.
If I’m going to knit a garter stitch rectangle and add surface crochet on it, I’d rather not have it filled with tiny stripes. If I’m going to knit a rectangle it can have any colour sequence I like….
Ah, the clear voices of reason in the morning.

It’s now 9 o’clock:

Yes, it makes much more sense to start over. Even though I was already halfway, I’m sure it will be quicker if I frog the thing and start over.


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