Finished: cushion cover.

This is how the foot cushion cover turned out. Diagonal stripes (but not too many) and surface crochet.

Inspiration was the colour palette picture I’ve been using all along and the shapes on our coffee table:

Our coffee table is made with heavily glazed tiles. I found it at some vintage shop a few years back and really liked the swirls. Tiled tabled were a big thing in the ’60s I think? Do you know of these types of tables outside Europe? I really like the individuality of it, how you can imagine the artists’ hand, drawing the lines. And I love heavy glazing!

Please note cushion on the floor, felted slippers on feet, foxy skirt and handspun sweater. I’m right at home!

The cushion cover does still need a canvas on the underside. But it’s already in function around my couch of perpetual Only-Needs-A-Little-Finishing-projects. There’s my Karma blanket. And my cross stitches cushion cover. (I should have brought my Peabody Sweater!)

All these woolies that are not finished but already in use: I’m right at home!

Oh, look, another glazed tiled table. This one I also found at the vintage shop some years back. I fell hard for the bold blues and big blobs of glazing. It has a name scribbled on it. At first I thought someone had written on it with permanent marker. I’ve actually spend some time trying to scrub it off… but then I googled the name and found the guy is not particularly known for his permanent marker tagging…

Or actually, it may be a gal: Juliette Belarti.

Or is it the pen name of Julien de Covemaeker? I might be. But miss Belarti using her own name seems a more likely reality.

Either way, Plastic Time Kitty gives me a well deserved look of disapproval for trying to destroy a piece of art. Luckily I like my art to be functional and made out of well wearing materials such as ceramics, silk, glass, wood, shell, metal and wool.


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