Wool party yesterday was a ball

We had a lovely wool party!

It was a lovely location, in an old heritage setting. With lots of friendly animals. We only had to retreat once into the coffee shed when rain came. Otherwise it was glorious sunshine and lovely people. We had two tables full of cakes and cookies and berries and watermelon and we stuffed ourselves!

I forgot to take pictures. I’m not a big fan of posting pictures from other people on the internet anyway. I thought about drawing you some impressions but I’ve spend today drinking tea on the couch or surfing the internet while resting on the bed. And eating residual cake. If I’m going to draw anything today it will be cats, not knitters.

Then came these pictures in my mailbox. Sneakily taken by a darling knitter friend who has a great eye and great timing. It won’t show too many other people and it does give you an idea how much fun I had yesterday. It was grand!

31 32 33


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