Finished: Me and You shawl from Fiddleknits

At the party I received the two toned shawl my friend Linda knit for me. The pattern is Me and You…and you and me from Fiddleknits. We’ve talked about it before on the blog. 

The shawl turned out marvelous!


Such pretty details! Such excellent knitting!

And look at how the colours work together:
me-and-you-shawl-2 me-and-you-shawl-4

I’m amazed at how the two yarns work together. They’re both singles, one merino (that only broke once), the other silk. The silk is pretty IN YOUR EYES with the bright yellow and green. But combined with the blue merino and the small stripes in the pattern the eye watering colours resulted in a happy, not-shouty-at-all, shawl.

The diamond details show off so well against the small stripes.
I’ve said before I don’t like small stripes. But in this shawl I love them! They form a well thought out backdrop for the slipped stitches. And again, they tone down the Bright Silk without dampening the freshness of the colour. Fresh colours suit my face, I’m told.

(We can’t verify in the pictures, I managed to look extremely derpy on the portraits with this shawl so… here’s the back:)


I’m in love with this shawl! It’s very light, only about 82 grams for a size large. Still warm and happy colours, excellent for August! (And May, June, July and any indoor knitters’ party)

I’m so grateful my friend knit this for me!
This friend has a way of knitting that’s close to my heart: she only knits when she’s in a good mood. She’s convinced emotions get knit into the stitches and she won’t burden anybody with less then positive stitches. I think that’s great! And it sure elevates this shawl to a higher plane for me, me being a sensitive sap.



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