Weird wool wednesday: dare to wear! Shop bought wools.

Today I got some shop bought wools: a knitted bolero and a woven scarf. The bolero is knitted cotton, the scarf is woven merino/silk, with a print printed on top it.

Gifts from a non-knitter who was very daring, picking these out and giving them to a knitter!

She chose very well. Both items are well within my colour palette. The blue is the kind of blue I cannot make myself knit. And the scarf has the kind of print I wouldn’t dare to buy for myself. But getting them as a gift works wonderful. I’ve been wearing them both all day. Thanks mum!








Wearing shop bought knitting and a shop bought shawl doesn’t make me feel weird at all. I would have expected to feel betrayal or feel guilt because “I can make this myself”. But I can’t make this myself. And I wouldn’t if I could. It’s just too much work. And it’s grey blue! I don’t knit dull blue.

Oh how this grey blue works for me. I feel good wearing this.


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