Mixed Wave Rug

Inspired by my coffee table I started a Mixed Wave rug last week when I arrived in the city:

Pattern Mixed Wave Cowl by Sybil R. Needles 10 mm.
I’ve been knitting on it on and off about every evening.

Today I leave for the cabin again and it’s neeeearly finished:

Look at those small balls of yarn! It’s still a bit lumpy, before blocking. And is that an u nfinished squirrel cushion cover? It might be. Time in the city seems to flow by fast.

I still need to knit slow because my shoulder still hurts when I knit too much.
(I know, I know, I should go see a doctor about it. But I’ve been busy with other health stuff and frankly, it’s just not a priority.)

(Maybe next time I’m in the city.)

(Although I’ve got to confess: I’ve been wearing my Stranded Owls pullover in the city and it makes me want to knit all those stranded projects I’ve been planning. Badly!)

(Nonono. We’re making this rug first. We are going to finish it too! Then we’re making another rug for the cabin. In nice Autumn colours. Got the fleece washed and dyed and ready for prepping. That’s what we’re going to do when we get back to the cabin today. We’re finishing this rug and prepping fibre for the next one. That’s what we’re going to do.)

(It helps to speak in multiples of “me”, it makes me think I’ve got secret helpers helping me with the yarny things. Or maybe “we” = “me and the cat”? The cats support many yarny things.)

Here, have another look at the living room.
Squirrel! Lumpy! Small balls! Fun cat mug!

It looks like it’s coming together right?
That yellow crocheted blanket is in nice dirt repelling acrylic and it prevents the cat from clawing at the designer’s couch underneath. The blanket came with the cabin. It was sold with all its ’70s and ’80s furnishings and tidbits still in it. And a typical ’90s brainbarfed idea of fake grass carpet in the living room. Which was the first thing we threw out.

The cat mug is Simon’s cat, bought at Simon’s cat webshop

About that lump in the rug… it’s a cat approved:


One thought on “Mixed Wave Rug

  1. Such big plans! Love the little rug, and the squirrel too!

    Oh, you’re starting to sound a bit like Gollum 😉 “We needs to finish the rugsies, yes we do, in the little cabinses!”

    Have a great time in the woods and be kind to your shoulder (and the rest of y’all)!

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