Finished: Catfish

Something unexpected was waiting for me on the couch this morning:

It’s a catfish!
I made it in a day and a half, right after the rug rolled of the needles. I cannot explain why.

It’s pattern Catfish by Karen Null.
In 82 grams of handspun Falkland, on needles 6,5 mm. 74 meteres/80 yards used. I didn’t knit very tight although that’s preferred for toys.

I made the body a bit longer and stuffed it really tight. Because I wanted to use up all the handspun and I want to use this as a little head pillow when I take my horizontal rests on the couch. I tested it loading up this pictures and at one time I was looking around and thought: “Hang on, where did I put it?”
It is that good of a pillow!

I have no idea why I started this.
One moment I’m finishing up the rug and looking forward to starting a second one. The next moment I’m looking for yarn to knit a toy cat with. Maybe because today a Knit-A-Long (KAL) starts for a funny little cat: The Nursery Cat by Sara Elizabeth Kellner:

© Sara Elizabeth Kellner

I feel like joining a KAL, to participate and have fun in a group online. A good beginning of this new month, which has some stressors for me.

So I started looking for yarn and I found this handspun. It was still in the shape of half a hat but that hasn’t stopped me from knitting with it before and didn’t stop me this time either. Half knitted projects are just an alternative way of storing skeins. It’s the yarn’s way of telling you that it wouldn’t mind being something else.

Anyway. Found this handspun:

Falkland in a big round two ply.

but the Cat KAL doesn’t start till today. And the thickness/meterage is not good for the Nursery Cat, it would not use up much of this yarn. Nor will it work for its companion: the Parlour Cat. It won’t have enough meters and I didn’t feel like recalculating the pattern. I just wanted to knit on my day off.

Parlour Cat looks so nice and round that it did put the idea of a headpillow in my head:

© Sara Elizabeth Kellner

So I knitted Catfish. And have used him as a pillow already. And he doesn’t mind one bit.

Today the KAL starts. I have no yarn for Nursery Cat. Am thinking of spinning some. Although I’m also starting prepping and spinning for the rug for this couch in the cabin. But that’s ok, I’ve got more than one spinning wheel. **kucheucheseventobepreciseuche*
But what will I knit during my breaks from spinning?


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