Today’s menu: soup and yarn

Today’s free hot soup water helped to degrease 300 grams of yarn made from that soft, soft dark brown fleece that was up to no good:

You remember the fleece. It wouldn’t felt, it was too fragile to card and contained too much lanoline to be handled pleasurably. And on top of that it had a moth’s nest!

But it was so soft… and the colour so special. I just couldn’t bare to part with it.

It lived on the veranda, in its old pillow case, for a few weeks and I didn’t see any moths. And then I met Tibbe and we got talking about a magnificient tool she has: a wool picker.

It loosens up fibre after which it can be put through the drum carder in just one go.
(if you process fleece with just a drum carder it will take multiple goes before it’s ok and this will harm a fragile fleece like this)

A wool picker would be the perfect tool for me to prepare a fleece. This fleece!

Tibbe graciously invited me over to try the device. She fed me oatmeal cookies, I fed the wool picker fleece and she made the fluffed up fleece into wonderful batts:

Last week I spun them, sitting outside:

I made a two ply on the Louet S70. Filled the bobbin to the brim:

I measured its meterage on my wool mill thing and decided to cable it navajo (=triple) on the Countryspinner to get a thicker yarn:

Now I’ve got a 100 meters worth of bulky yarn, 300 grams heavy, and lovely soft yet prone to wear due to the cabled technique.

With the rest of the fleece for stuffing this will become a big soft Nursery Cat, so lean against when we’re sitting on the couch.
link to pattern The Nursery Cat by Sara Elizabeth Kellner.
I can finally join the KAL


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