Weird Wool Wednesday 2: socks at noon?

Today has somehow become all about finishing the socks.

I haven’t showered yet, I haven’t done anything useful. (No wait, I did put out the bins)(and shared some mackerel with the cat)(and cleaned up cat vomit 20 minutes later)

I’m just sitting here knitting socks. I’ve got a bit of the sniffles, I think Autumn has started, it is cold in house. Also the old brain chemistry/hormones are a bit out of balance due to things I ate/drank/did yesterday. I know bodily movement would normalize this the quickest… but that would require getting up and starting to move, perhaps even go outside. What a weird idea. It’s cold outside.
Instead I’m obsessing over these socks.

To entertain my noodle I’m watching BBC documentairies about Vienna in 1908, Paris in 1928 and New York in 1951. “Bright Lights, Bright Minds”:

Only the Vienna one really mesmerished me. Perhaps because it’s about novel urban architecture. I like it when a whole new approach is forged.
Or because I’m really fascinated by the transition of the Victorian era into the modern world.

In each episode the narrator, dr. James Fox, makes me huff a bit, every time he gives his opinion about a piece of art. It’s so personal and he presents it as truth. Hmpf!

Also: I’ve still got bare feet. Now tucked away under me, wrapped in my grannies wool blanket. It’s handy having bare feet when knitting socks. You can try them on for size.

Noon came. I’m decreasing for the toes. Nearly there!

Then this happened:


Luckily I have friend who send me little pieces of yarn in great colours. This was send to me by an Abyssinian cat, to see if Wollmeise Twin Fuchsia would be a contender for the colour combinations I was trying out for Rockefeller Shawl.
A perfect colour for these happy socks!

Once I finish them, I can put them on and then I can go put on my hiking boots and then I can go take a walk outside and then I can normalize my neurotransmitterleves and then I can feel good about life, the universe and everything.
That’s why I’m obsessing about finishing these socks. And that’s why I cannot start my day before they’re finished.
It’s 13.11 hour now.


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