Monday Morning Fart: not buying a Louet S30

Early this morning a friend offered her Louet S30 up for sale.

The Louet S30 is an electronic spinner (“e-spinner”) that uses a sewing machine motor that drives the bobbin. It runs on electricity and you command it with a foot pedal.

It’s ideal for plying which I regard as tedious homework most of the time. So I jumped right on the chance to buy an e-spinner!

The Louet S30 was manufactured in the ’70s of the last century but
Louet stopped making them soon after. They were not satisfied with the performance. Sewing machine motors have a tendency to burn out when they’re used at high speed for a long time.
And the foot pedal can wear out fast too, when it’s not used with the foot straight on.

But by now, in this century, all the mediocre ones have been weeded out and the S30’s you can get your hands on by now are of expected quality. Besides, you can always replace the motor, should it burn out. The same goes for the sensitive parts in the foot pedal. So don’t be afraid to buy. It’s a good product, although old.
Louet thinks so too because they still offers spare parts for the S30 in their shop, like the belts.

If you want a new product, there are many modern E-spinners out there now. Nearly all big wheel producers have one and some are outright gorgeous. However, they are costly.

Hansencrafts minispinner

When I say “costly”…
Hansencrafts used to illustrate their price list with a stick figure flailing at the price: Whoa! How much?
But so worth it! A friend of mine has one of these and she looks so content whenever I see her spinning on it. And it’s silent. Perhaps that little guy is just a spinner, dancing with glee.

The new e-spinners no longer use sewing machine motors with decades old technology. For example: they now have continious speed adaptors. And they run on motors that don’t require ventilators. They are silent.

In contrast to the S30 that’s up for sale which runs on a motor with a ventilator.
Which I realized just in time.

Because who has two thumbs and is ridiculously sensitive to sounds?

this girl

How could I forget?! I’m actually sitting here with my ear mufflers on and it’s just birds outside?!

No vintage e-spinner for me. Even though the bobbins can be used on two of my other wheels. Better stick to regular homework when it comes to plying.

And dream of some big money and a ticket to the States to go get a Hansencraft Minispinner.

Or make one myself. It’s pretty basic connecting things. Here’s a (German) video showing a well equiped home made e-spinner. She’s thought of everything!

(I also have a nagging feeling I’ve made this mistake before… nearly buying a Louet S30 and then backing out because I remember just in time I have noise considerations.)(Or it might be Monday morning, giving me already deja vu while it’s happening.)


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