the smell of things….

I’ve arrived in the city. I brought with me the wetfelted throw to work on. It’s spread out in the attic, smelling terrible. Of wet moss and last week’s rain… Which is fitting since that’s exactly what it contains:

This is the first time I see it as a whole and I’m glad to see that the swirls do remind of the inspiration picture and my coffee table. I laid it out in parts, folding it away as I went and with a fairly Happy Go Lucky attitude. It was a good day back then! The sun shone, I worked and I was in gear without worrying too much about ruining wool and stash and plans for this throw.
It’s too early to say anything about the result, though. We’ll know more when this throw is finished.

On Saturday, still in the cabin, I managed to roll it for a good 30 minutes, while the storm was gathering above our heads. I was rolling at the table under the big beech tree, next to the big chestnut tree. My husband was standing amidst some sprouting chestnuts and we were talking about the urban planning for a manure factory. One of the biggest in the country, 70 trucks of manure daily!

It was a pleasant talk, mainly about how these planning procedures and court cases are like a formal dance where each party has to play its role and nobody addresses the actual issues with clear honesty. It’s a formal dance of wits, questionable debating techniques and political motives.
Not something regular folks can contribute to.

But we, normal folk, can watch and think about the essence of things. (try to ignore the fishy smell).

The sky was changing, clouds of numerous colours were taken over the golden September sun. The wind picked up and leafs were now twirling down. It was a magical half hour. And a magical talk.

The rolling I did was effective, the throw is now halfway fulled I’d say. Some bits didn’t take to the woolen base layer, they need help from dry felting techniques. From needle felting.

Needle felting is the kind of felting that requires bandages… in my house anyway.
You’re hacking away at wool with a wooden thing full of Piranha teeth!

I had anticipated the need for this technique and I brought the tool with me. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the needles that go into the tool fast enough. I ordered some online.

Here now follows a picture of another felting technique in this throw: a lock that’s only felted secure at its base. The rest is protected in a bit of plastic. In theory it will be a loose curly bit, by Friday.

Yes, I’ll needle felt some of the other bits into place. As soon as my needles arrive tomorrow. Then I’ll put warm soapy water on it (I brought my soap and “broes”) and felt it by hand a bit. I should say: “full it by hand”.
Then a bit of rolling to mash everything together.
And then the washing machine, for the felting.

It càn be done by Friday. hope hope hope
Let’s just pretend I had no other plans for this week…


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