Being a lady, Colors of Kauai Cardigan

I like being in the city.
I get to wear my lady-dresses and sit up straight and drink tea. I like to do so, every once and awhile.

Today I’m wearing my dark purple dress and, for the first time, my Colors of Kuaia cardigan:

Colors of Kuaia is a pattern by Hanna Maciejewska
It’s such a lovely knit! The pattern is great, the fit is great, the designer is darling.

And I’ve never worn this cardigan since I took pictures of the finished knit two years ago:

The reason is that this cardigan is wool and tight fitting and with short sleeves. That gives me an insolvable puzzle:
– when it’s cold enough to wear wool, it’s too cold to wear short sleeves
– when it’s warm enough for short sleeves, it’s too warm for a tight fitting cardigan. Because arm pits.

I’ll just be Dutch and cut right to the essence, even though I suspect “armpit” is an unsavoury word in the United States.
Fact is people and their clothes get smelly at the arm pits. That’s why shower and washing machines and lots of advertisements to shame costumers into purchase.

For the past two years I couldn’t solve the puzzle. Mostly I was too cold to wear this. Other days I was too untidy to keep this cardi neat. And I didn’t want to have to wash this cardigan all the time.

But today I’m shameless! Shameless and fierce and not afraid to handwash anything!

Today is Autumn, but it’s not really cold.
Today I’m wearing a flimsy dress so I’ll keep pretty cool all over and I welcome a core warming cardigan.
Today I’m slim enough to wear a tight long sleeve under it so my arms aren’t freezing.
Today I want to dress up and drink tea with my neighbour (the one from the boat, not the ones from the fancy houses)
And today is a reasonably good hair day.

(today the needle felt needles arrived and I’ll be bloody soon)

Here I am:


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