Weird Wool Wednesday: WIP in style

the Works in Progress (WIPs) are coming along splendidly.

The mitts for Francis are nearly finished. On needles 4 mm and with that sympathetic handspun they practically knit themselves.

Fact: handspun knits faster than commercial yarn.

The needle felt needles arrived yesterday and I assembled them in style: with apple pie.

It yields a fierce tool!

Happy to report I only stabbed the wool, not myself.

The act of needle felting intertwins the fibres. It physically forces the fibres of the upper layer through and into the bottom layer.
In the picture above you see little specks of green and blue sticking through the white bottom layer.

In the next picture you see some prickling from the surface:

Soon I’ll aid this process with a little wet felting. And then: the washing machine.

But first I’ll have a stroll into the city.
I’m getting new glasses. After seeing double for over two years now I’ve decided the optometrist doesn’t get any more time trying to figure out what’s the problem. I’m just putting it down to age and now I want some proper glasses to quiet my vision. No more of this foggy stick on prism. And some proper reading aids too.

I want to see my knitting again. In single focus.
I’ve put off stranded knitting for two years now and I can’t bear it any longer. There’s the Woodland Sweater in my head. And those darling owl mittens!

So off to town I go!
I’m bringing a sock on the go (yarn held double, bigger needles) because you never know when you have a little waiting time. I bring it with me in my stylish WIPbag:


This one’s made by my friend Vronica, she’s so clever! It has a square bottom and you can fold the top down and than it stands on its own, like a little yarn basket.

I so love this bag and its fabric that I made a skirt to go with it. It’s just a tube with a zipper. It doesn’t even have a lining. And it’s also not sewn very sturdy: last week I burst through the side seam while trying to kick open the gate.

So this week I ran the sewing machine over the seam a couple of time, I think it’ll hold. And otherwise I’ll feign bad eyesight and deny everything. Including any wrinkles. There are none.

I gots style!



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