Pics and/or the felting didn’t happen.

The half quarter felted throw this morning:

and a little while later:

and at the moment:

At the moment it’s back at the cabin, just like we are. It’s parked in the wool room near some black holes of neeeeeearly finished projects, such as the cross stitched squirrel pillow, a felted Spring Fairy Princess dress I started putting together back in 2012 and a bag full of high quality Merino that Will Be Washed This Week.
And that’s only what’s in the picture. I’m not telling about what’s not in the picture. Because of plausible deniability.

One thing about my felted throw is finished and it is fabulous: the Wensleydale lock. Caught in a little plastic wrapper it has not felted onto the throw, only at the base where I put a little yellow merino on it. Lovely!

I’ll be back in the city in a couple of weeks. Perhaps I’ll bring a finished throw with me!
Or perhaps it’ll still be in it’s plastic bag…


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