Apple Day!

Today I visited Apple Day in the far east of the Netherlands. It’s all about the apples: tasting apples, juicing apples, baking apples into pies and pancakes, roasting apples on a fire.

And felting apples.

It was all very Dutch and local and celebrating traditional ways and it was lovely!

There are so many more breeds of apples than the same old few you see at the supermarket.

Today is organized by Stichting Boerengoed, a foundation that tries to preserve and enjoy the knowledge of how things were done in the old farming days. They mainly busy themselves with old tools and machines and with food.

These ladies make the apple pancakes and the sausages according to old and tested recipes:
We Dutch folk may no longer use the traditional wood stove in the back of this picture -although it’s very posh to cook on a wood stove nowadays- but everybody has one of those orange cast iron pans banging about. New generations don’t know how to cook with it but eventually everybody learns. It’s a slow cooker avant la lettre.

Centre stage today is the Welsumse Sap Mobiel, the mobile juicing machine. Just bring your carts full of apples and they juice them up for you and put it in nice 5 litre cartons. Pasteurized and all.

The machine washes the apples, purees them and then they are put into cloth trays with something I’d describe as a “reversed vacuum cleaner”. The trays are stacked and then force is applied. Fascinating to see in action!
In the picture above the trays are in the middle of the car and are juiced to the maximum: there’s no room left between the wooden planks.

There’s also wool today! Here’s the Felting club from Winterswijk:

And here’s a friendly knitter standing next to the stand of Slow Food Germany.
They had lovely handmade apple pie to try and in the basket some great Gouden van Boskoop apples which I bought for apple pie of my own.

Look at me…. how did Robert let me leave the house like this…
so stylish!

(yes, there ís a sock on the go in that wip bag)

This sign says: “Children juicers! Make your own juice.”appeldag-kindersap
Which I can only interpret as some kind of cannibalistic invitation.
Robert may have rolled his eyes but a bystander laughed at my joke. So there: I’m funny.

In the back, in blue, a few members of local music band Concordia. The whole band is here.
Earlier they played inside the venue, while we sat at little tables and enjoyed a cup of coffee and some homemade apple pie that you could get at the counter if you traded in your entry ticket. The local baker was coming around with small bits to taste, in hopes that we’d buy an apple loaf.
It was all so friendly and fun and so not-urban!
I wore my ear plugs and pulled out the knitting, just to join in. I didn’t know back then that I looked “peculiar” enough already.

More fun outside: roasting apples.
That’s the next door neighbour’s house. Isn’t it adorable? The whole region is sprinkled with them.

This guy loves to saw pieces of wood into little puzzles. Mostly animals.
Just a lovely local with a hobby. He was so nice!

He understood completely the need to “see with ones hands”. I grabbed his puzzles without thinking about it and once I realized and apologized for touching his merchandise he was so nice about it.
As a wood loving person he understood completely. And as his puzzles are for children too, he has plenty of experience with people “seeing with their hands”.

We bought some:

His wooden toys were a delight to touch. Each one is made of one solid piece of wood. The saw is so thin and precise that the puzzle fits and that sanding down is not necessary.

The other thing I bought and that invites to touch and “see with your hands”:


4 thoughts on “Apple Day!

  1. * grinnik* Dus die mevrouw in die geweldige sweater met een tasje dat precies bij haar rokje past, handgebreide sokken in wandelschoenen deed tijdens het breien oorstopjes in? Ach ja…….
    Gevaarlijk leek ze toch niet 🙂

    • in de jaren ’80 had je volwassen vrouwen die teddybeer sweaters droegen… het is mijn grote angst daar de moderne equivalent van te zijn. En deze foto… gaat die kant op…

      hellup, straks draag ik Verschrikkelijke Kerststruien en wuppies op mijn schouder!

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