Nervous knitting

Tomorrow I’m visiting a court case for the first time in my life. Even though there’s nothing I can do I’m nervous. So I find myself spending hours calming myself down and knitting socks from handspun.

I just finished one.

It was made from cleverly dyed fibre: 3 separate breeds of sheep. One sturdy, one soft, one with long shiny fibres.
You spin three singles which you then ply into a 3-ply: a nice and round yarn that combines the properties from all three breeds.

Sock roving like this is a specialty from Jeanet Koek. She dyes the three rovings in sequence too so your socks will change colour.

This was my roving. All six pieces of it (3 pieces per sock). My breeds were Wensleydale, Merino and Texelaar.

One 3 ply on the bobbin:

Two bobbins, two balls of yarn, two socks that require only a little assemblage:

I’m knitting these socks toe up so I get to use as much of the yarn as possible. It’s been a while since I knit toe-up but pattern SokBasis by Janneke Maat is a fabulous good pattern, adaptable to any gauge.
SokBasis is in Dutch but Janneke has many -free- sock designs in English

including this beauty, Aragorn:

and this one is toe up, Maeve:

Janneke knows about keeping calm. About matching your socks with colours in nature. About breathing in. Breathing out.

The plan is to have one sock on the go tomorrow, to knit while at court. I’m sure there’s waiting around to be done and I’d love to knit for a bit then.
If they allow me to take my needles into the building! I hear all kinds of things about American courts. But this is the Netherlands and this is an administrative court, I don’t expect overzealous security measures.
Any way, I’m going to risk it. If anything, I can knit a bit while waiting outside the building. Because I’m going early.

But it’s not tomorrow yet and I’ve constantly been knitting (and eating, but let’s not get into that) and now I’ve already finished the one sock. In just three days!

I quickly cast on for the second one because cast-on and initial increases requires some attention and it will probably not do to hush the courtroom just because I’m counting stitches…

I better put it down for today. Before you know it out pops another sock. And what will I occupy my fidgety hands with then? (better bring another sock on the go. Yes, good plan.)(and some bamboo needles, in case this circular needle gets confiscated)(better bring an envelope with my name on it so they can keep it at the security desk until I exit the building)

I wonder if there’s any of that curry left…


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