Weird Wool Wednesday: Spinzilla!

My calendar:

this week = madness.

First there was yesterday’s court case. (it was OKish, very educational. Sock nearly done.)
Now prepare for Annual Spinners’ Weekend. (There’s a big To Do List and a frightening To Pack List)

next week = nothing.

Rest rest rest. More rest. Nothing. Loafing around. Resting up. Recline on sofa. Big batch of nooooooothing. No appointments. No To Do List. Just hang around, pet the cat.





Spin all you can from Sunday night until the following Sunday. Join other spinners online and share the funny wool thing hand spinners have going on!

here’s the a Ravelrygroup: Spinzilla

I never heard of Spinzilla. Or maybe I heard of it last year, the first year they ran it, and I read about it the week after it finished. Which made me pout and forget all about it. Anyway! This sounds like fun!

There’s even a Team Louët. Which I joined. The day before I was due in court. It’s a logical thing to do, just to take the mind of things.

I love Louët.
I’m so proud of my country fellow Jan Louët, who engineered these spinning wheels back when the first wave of spinning madness occurred, in the ’70’s.

And then he did it all again on this side of the centuryline, when the new wave of madness came rolling in! He catered to it with modern wheels such as the Victoria and the Julia.
Jan Louët is on Team Louet too, he’s a real Spinzillo!

During Spinzilla we’ll all be spinning together, all around the world, and showing each other progress and egging each other on online.

As Team Louët we’ll be sharing stuff here, in our team home on Ravelry.
There’s also a team Louet USA on Ravelry.

Next week Dutch Team Louët will even have a meeting in the Louët factory in Lochem, isn’t that grand! We’ll get a tour and coffee and a chance to spin with their wheel (or bring our own).

I might bake some cookies…. do I have a spinnery cookie cutter, I wonder? I used to have a dinosaur but I gave it away… hmm, let me think on it.

So yes. I signed up for a week full of spinning because I was so nervous about all the things I have going on this week. It makes sense to me. This way, the things I Need To DO this week seem not so big, because there’s more to come next week. (Haven’t washed that Merino yet either.)(Or finished Peabody Sweater)

I just spend two hours writing this post and changing my ravatar:

And still wondering of I shouldn’t take the Spinzilla sheep and Pippi-fy it…
because I’ve got time. Apparently.

I really look forward to spinning. I like spinning. So now I want to spin ALL THE WOOL.

But it needs to be prepped….

so on Monday, when I had to stop knitting my sock because otherwise there would be no more sock to knit around court, but I was still nervous about the court case, I started to card some batts. And I’ll be carding some more before Spinzilla starts on Sunday.

A whole fleece worth of batts.
Because I did not have enough to do this week.

Did I mention I’ll be leaving for the Spinners’ Weekend early on Friday Morning?

Won’t be back until Saturday Night. When I’ll crash into my bed and need some serious rest for a couple of days. It probably would be foolish to want to sit up, what with Adrenal Fatigue and all. Better to spend next week lying down a lot.

But no. Can’t do.

Need to spin. Because I love spinning. And cannot let a monster run by without trying to grab it (and spin it).

Spinzilla, come join in the fun. Team Louët Holland still has a few spots open, for Louët spinners of all nationalities. We converse in English.



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