Spinners’ Weekend Wrap Up

I had a fantastic time last weekend! I stayed an extra night, until Sunday afternoon. I’ll just tell you a little bit about it, reposting some of the picture you already saw, but bigger.

We spend lots of time sitting outside and spinning:

Inside there was the big room, the biggest room the conference venue has. 200 spinners gathered:



Here we had the special of the weekend: 2 minutes of silence where only the spinning wheels talk. It’s a magical moment! All the people are silent and about 200 wheels whirr and “snor”.

This year we had superfun because my wheel squeeks on command. And it did so during the last minute of silence! It squeeked every now and then, while I was looking anxious at it and pleading with it to please be silent. Later on shaking my fist at it. To which it replied with many squeeks.
The people around me could all but keep silent until the chairwoman announced the 2 minutes over and then they roared with laughter. It was such fun!

On Saturday morning I had a little booth to sell some things. Fibre from my stash, some postcards and some shawl pins I made.

The shawl pins I make from aluminium: light enough for lace shawls. I make spiral pins and animal shapes. They all sold apart from two dog pins. I take extra care to round off the ends of the pins so they don’t snag on tender fibres. And all the animal shapes are my own design.
It feels good to sell good things.

The BFL is supersoft! The round ones are dyed with Fibonacci numbers, making them fit for triangle or semi-circle shaped shawls where each band of colour will have the same height even though the width of the shawl varies.


I did not sell a lot of this so most of this has come home with me. As did the big box full of light blue fleece. I’m not complaining! Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Pity there’s so much I want to putmy hands on first…

There was no time for me to buy anything unfortunately but I did get a lot of goodies nonetheless.

For example, we swapped the little parcels of fibre we prepared for each other. 5 x 20 grams of fancy things to try out.
This time everybody had taken an effort to present the fibre in a nice way, it was like having a birthday!

All so nice bits of fibre. Soft. Various sorts of fibres (but luckily no alpaca)

I got so inspired that right then and there I started spinning some of it. The lilac rolls and a fun Halloween batt, both made by Vronica who’s also the friend who made that fabulous fox fabric WIP bag I carry everywhere.

The lilac rolls turned into 85 m of light fingering:

Soft and with a lovely gleam.

The fun coloured bat into 4,7 m of fun, bulky yarn:

Very soft! I’d like to make something with this to celebrate October and November but I have no idea what. Weave it? Crochet it?
Or just hang it on the wall as is? I’d love to show off the texture of this yarn. But also be able to touch it, not present it as just an optic feast.

Here’s the third package I got, with the theme “Dreamy Greens”:

Ab-so-lute-ly Per-fect.
Got nothing else to say about it.

Then there were other gifts:


Tule to make into wool wash bags. Zipplock bags to hold wool. A cone of silk (for plying? for dyeing? many possibilities)

From my dear friend Tinkerbelleke I got a small book for foraging in the wild. I love it! This is exactly what I do in the forest around the cabin so it’s great to have a little book that teaches me things.

Not in the picture are some big glass pots I got. All because the husband of one of my spinning friends went through a “pickle addiction phase”. Well, we’ve all been there haven’t we? Mine was with smaller pots so I welcomed the change to get my hands on some of the bigger ones. Here are my small pots in action:

That’s right, they are for dyeing.

And a great enamel hanger by Agnes van der Beek. She recently discovered the joy of enamelling and went full throttle forwards and I’m a bit jealous because I know the joy and want to play just as much as she does. But, you know, I can’t.
Which makes seeing her pieces all the more exciting! I’m enamelling by proxy šŸ˜‰


She let me chose one of her pieces and I chose one that’s out of my comfort zone, what with the muted, warm colours. It’s such a great piece! With the copper shining through, it sparkles like an opal.

The last gift I got didn’t fit on the table…
Thank you Marjanneke! It’s a fleece with a squirrel on it. Marjanneke has a cabin in the woods too, only at the other side of the country. We exchange winks and nudges about having a little cabin and when she saw this fleece she knew I’d love it. Which I do!

and I finally got my first two felted items back. They had been left in someone’s shed for two years.
My bag, with a claw swipe:

You make this by having two layers of wool (red and gray) and putting a piece of plastic between them. Or in this case: paper tape. After felting you cut into the top layer, remove the plastic/tape, and work the edges some more. I’m going to tell you about this bag on a Weird Wool Wednesday sometime. Or, more specifically: about the sheep that provided the wool. It’s a weird ewe.

And my red felted cardigan:

Just 100 grams of red merino on chiffon. It shrank 50% so initially its circumference was 200 cm.
I’m so glad to have this back!
Now I can finally put a fancy button on it and wear it. With its high collar it’s perfect for Autumn weather. And days when gnomes watch over you and you’re wearing your fox eared hat


One thought on “Spinners’ Weekend Wrap Up

  1. Hi Anna
    I’m glad you like the squirrel-fleece! But my cabin is not at the other side of the country! If you fly like a bird it is about 60 km, if you drive a car it is about 100 km. Have a lovely weekend!

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