Spinzilla: results halfway

Up until now I’ve spun 1100 m of 2 ply aran weight. 1200 yards. There’s an additional bonus for plying so I think I have 1800 Spinzilla points now.

The set up on Monday morning:

Tea, a view and a box full of batts from the fleece I dyed and picked and carded. I chose the main colour to start with.

First batt on the bobbin:

(I dyed that sock yarn myself, it makes me smile)

After few batts on the bobbin and reinforcements were needed. I made apple pie! Best eaten with a spoon:

I spun until I went to bed that day:

During the spinning hours I listen to audiobooks. On Monday it was the Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis, read by John Cleese. I enjoyed it very much, the literature combined with Cleese’s acid intonations. Well done.

Tuesday morning I was ready to start plying and found a little hick up:

But I got the plying done.
On Tuesday I listened to The White Queen, a book by Philippa Gregory. About the war of the roses. I’d seen the tv-film last year so I had fine imagery in my mind, to go with the words.

That day I got half of the main brown-orange plying done and the yellow:

On Wednesday I plied the second half of the orange (plying feels like such a chore!) and a more subdued brown and two bobbins of dark brown singles.

And of course I dabbled in cookies!

They need a bit more tweeking. Who knew that if your cookie crumbles too much you should add more sugar or fat? Not water!

I found a delightful site explaining baking to me in a way that fits me: understand the principles, start playing.
Crafty Baking.com: How Baking Works

I now fill my bobbins half way and start plying immediately. To spread the chore-like feeling of plying. It evaporates because you quickly get results and the yarn the Louet wheel gives is nice. You can really add the precise amount of twist you want.

I listened to the rest of the White Queen and late in the afternoon I started on Hitch Hikers’ Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. Read by Stephen Fry.

This morning I’m going to ply the dark singles and make cookies. I leave for Louët in an hour and a half…


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