When wool talks sense I listen.

It’s a Saturday in October. It’s an unexpected 20+ degrees. There’s only one thing to do:

Laundry and spinning under the beech. There’s a robin keeping me company, he sings all around me 🙂

I’m spinning green dyed Dutch sheep. It’s not Texelaar and it’s not Heideschaap. It’s fibres are medium long to short and quite curly and I used the wool picker and the drum carder on them.

I’m doing Long Draw on my vintage Louet:

Reduced the pull of Irish tension by lacing the leader a couple of times through the hooks. Now I can get a lot of twist without hardly any pull.

It’s not strictly Long Draw as I’m not spinning from rolags but from a batt. The fibres are places in random directions though and the way I spin it is surely Long Draw. It feels like chewing gum, so that’s the right way.

I spun a practise skein earlier, just to find out if it would work, spinning Long Draw on this Louet. It does:

35 m of 2ply, good for needles 4 to 7 mm.

The practise skein hangs on my wheel, for reference during spinning. Sometimes you need to keep reminding yourself of the weight you want in your singles and in your ply.

The fun red socks are knitted by Bloem. The pattern is Aardbeientompoes by Janneke Maat (free pattern, in Dutch only but with clear charts)

I often buy socks from Bloem. She knits socks the way I like it: quite dense fabric with a heel flap. She supports a good cause with her sold projects. And she enjoys to knit matching socks. I don’t. But I do like wearing them.


I gave the handspun mitts to Francis, out organic farmer, today and she was delighted 🙂


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