Weird Wool Wednesday: Louet Scoops

hey! psst!

you want an inside scoop?

on the Dutch National Weavers’ Day next Saturday there will be official Louët S10 cookies!

Yes that’s right. They took my prototype and developed it into a mature project. Tasty Louët S10 Spinner Cookies!
Based on STROOPWAFELS. That most famous of Dutch cookies. A bit chewy, with lots of golden syrup. Warm…

Only with a little hole in them.


I’m not kidding. Louët now offers a new line where you can costum made your S10. The S10 Concept. One treadle now and add a two treadle base when you’ve saved up. Choose the wheel of your liking. Go with a big flyer from the start. Irish tension or Scotch tension. All choices available.
Isn’t it marvelous?

Dutch explanation here.

Louët will be at the National Weavers’ Day and bring their whole range: all wheels, all looms. And the new modular S10.


3 thoughts on “Weird Wool Wednesday: Louet Scoops

  1. Hi
    I have a Louet S70 too and am just getting reacquainted with it. (Almost as soon as I bought it from a friend I was in a car accident and my hands didn’t work very well for a couple of years!)
    I want to give it a new drive band. Do you know what size to order from Louet?? Or where to look for additional bobbins?? It’s fun reading your posts!

    • hi Sharon! Louet may have some old bobbins up in the attic, that’s where I got my additional ones from. that is. I need a new driveband too, this one is a tad too short. I think the old S10 bands are too short, not sure about the new ones. Haven’t figured out which size to orde. But! will know. Shoot them a mail. It’s a great family business 🙂

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