Popping nupps.

I’m knitting another Cocoberry Cowl, I so like the pattern. This one is in 100% silk (oh oh, drape!) and I’m making it longer. Because there’s more stockinette I’m adding more of those lacey flowers. The one with the nupps.

I’m trying out different ways of knitting nupps. Here’s what I just knit, adding my 60th nupp.

Don’t they pop out of the knitted fabric? I love it!

Here you see the evolution of popping nupps in one flower that was knitted from the bottom up:

There are 10 nupps in this flower… but some you really have to search. Some do not rise from the fabric much and some are popping on the wrong side of the fabric because of the way they were knit together or were treated in the next row:

The higher up I knit through this flower, the more I played around with all aspects of a nupp like the base on which a nupp is knitted or a “hat” for them to wear in a subsequent row that will push them upwards. In the end I changed the row in which they’re knit and how they;re knit and their little double decrease “hat” is the weirdest thing you ever saw. But how they pop!

And I can’t stop! Luckily there’s still the edging to look forward too: nupped flowers everywhere.


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