Weird Wool Wednesday: Seeing Things.

this my new glasses:

I now see things! Both afar and close up. No more double vision in the distance, no more blurriness up close. Prism and multi focus and I’m all good.

My knitting is visible again! Ooh, the possibilities!
Nupps are flying along. Stranded colourwork is once again on my mind. I can read everything again. Wonderful!

But new glasses do not fix everything.

I went to get them from the shop and I was all dressed up for the occasion. Wore my city dress, nice heels, lipstick. The works.

Weird wool wednesday

I wore my blue cardigan and I did bring my silver spiral shawl pin with me to the city, to pin it closed. But I couldn’t find it that morning so I walked into the city keeping my cardigan closed by hand.

Swaggered all through the centre, beaming and catching quite a bit of attention. I was so happy! The sun was shining. I can walk again. I can be in the city again. Happyness!

Got my glasses, swaggered my way back home:

Weird wool wednesday

It was a lovely walk! The people at the shop were so nice. I was looking nice. On the way back I could see so many things! I was marvelling in all the wondrous details I’m now able see. The people, the houses, the details in architecture. Wonderful!
I must have beamed even more on my way home then on my way to the shop and must have gotten even more attention.

Came home.

Found my shawl pin.

Weird wool wednesday

Weird wool wednesday

Nobody had said a word.
They probably thought it was art. Wearable art.
I certainly hope so. Feverishly.

Weird wool wednesday

(I made it myself. I sell these at the annual Spinners’ Retreat)

(these photos are an re-enactment. When this actually happened I had not much attitude left to pull them off. Instead I needed some serious wool and chocolate ganache to soothe my self esteem. Make it numb.)


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