planning a winter trui

I’m toying around with the purple bouclé I spun at Tour de Fleece this year. It wants to be the yoke of a sweater.
It goes best with a white yarn. The purple would be the yoke, transitioning from white to dark purple. It would be a comfy yet glorious winter sweater (“trui” in Dutch), with the sparkles and the warmness and the dark and the light!

I’ve got the right yarn for it, it’s the white Donegal yarn. Donegal Irish Heather, from native Irish sheep, not tortured Merino’s. Aran weight.

The same yarn I used for my Bluebird Cardigan, and there’s still a bit left from thatin dark:

(the dark grey doesn’t do anything for the handspun.)

The other handspun that wants to become a wintertrui is that minty smurf fluff.
It’s about 700 m of aran weight. I don’t think it’s enough for a sweater…. if I look through Ravelry’s database most sweaters with a yarn of this thickness are either cropped or with short sleeves.

So I’m looking for a yarn to accompagny it.
The dark donegal works:

But the white donegal works better, it brings out the white whips of silk:

But I had plans for that white donegal…. I was dreaming of a hiplong cardigan, with lots of cable-details. I even designed it last year. Snowdrop Cardigan!

I’m not ready to abandon that project….
even though I can make two (if not three) sweaters out of that yarn when combined with other yarns. (the purple bouclé, the minty handspun and the dark grey Donegal)

But will I ever pick up this hibernating project again and knit it?
It’s bottom up with all the things going on simultaneously: the cables, the decreases, the lace edging, the button band and the button holes … It takes a bit of concentration.

But I’d love a white, long cardigan! And I’ve got 1600 meters of the stuff, the luxury of having plenty! To knit a long cardigan in one go, in one yarn. And it’d be my own design! And this wool would be perfect because it’s so round (3ply) so all the cables etc. will pop up splendidly.
Snow drops!

pic by cseilerde

But I did abandon that project… for that blasted Oak Grove Cardigan. Which is still in time out because it still makes me angry.

I don’t think I’ll pick it up soon, my Snowdrop Cardigan. Right now I want to knit with the bouclé. And with the smurfy mint. Simple top down sweaters with round yokes. Try it on as you knit. Stop increasing when it fits. Bind off when it’s long enough.
No hassle.

But sweaters like that do not benefit from round yarns like the Donegal. Round yarns like that shine in cabled knitwear, where they can emphasize the stitches.
It would be a pity to use it for simple stockinette… I so like Snowdrop, I’m petting it now… I could pick it up, try and get it going again? It’s so nice. But so much work, I’d have to drop all the other things. No bouclé. No smurf.

This yarn would be excellent for the bouclé! It does knit up beautiful in stockinette stitch. And I have it here, now, this yarn is in my hand!

I guess I could buy new yarn if I ever decide to knit a Snowdrop again… Springwools in Ireland still carries the stuff. And delivery is still only 3 euro… Perhaps I should I buy it already? Just to be sure I have it?

Although I did heard a rumour that sheep are growing more wool as we speak…


3 thoughts on “planning a winter trui

    • Bij Lexi! wat was dat leuk 🙂 Ik mocht jouw Countryspinner uitproberen en sindsdien op zoek. En raad eens wat ik eerder dit jaar dus kocht? Nog bedankt he 😉

      de Donegal is niet zacht helaas. Dan is de Strickwolle van beter. 5 euro de 100 gram, 3 ply aran.

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