Finished: Modular Cape Happy Go Lucky

Another shawl/cape with overlapping fronts and enough dept to keep my upper back well warm!

It’s made of virtually one continuous thread. I just added “house shapes” one after the other. Sometimes starting at the base, sometimes starting at the top of the roof. Increasing and decreasing and picking up stitches from the other shapes.
In the end I added a neck piece and then an i-cord all the way round. All in one thread.

Nearly one thread. The backside shows how:

I started at the left and knitted all the blocks, except one, and finished at the top of the little teal triangle in the bottom right.

I started with this one, when I had no idea what I was going to do:

It’s started from the tip and it’s positioned on its side on tje right side of the shawl, with its tip touching the tip of the all blue coloured house.

From there on you can pretty much follow the colours and wander through the blocks.
Let’s take a stroll!

I knitted that first house from the tip down to its base. I didn’t break yarn but turned it a bit and picked up stitches from its side. I knitted another house shape onto it, pointing upwards in the picture. From the tip of this house I started another tip and picked up stitches from the side of its “roof” as I increased. This house is 90 degrees angle with its “mother” but its not visible in the picture, it got cropped out.
It has a purple tip and a blue base.

From its side I picked up stitches and knitted the house downwards that’s visible on the photo, it ends in an orange tip. I started another orange tip and both these orange tips are connected to the roof of the very first house shape.

We are now at the bottom of the shawl as I just described the house with the orange tip and the blue base, standing up right there on the left. I picked up stitches from its side and worked to the right, a house that lies down, at the bottom of the shawl.

At the dark tip of that house I again “crossed the intersection” and started another tip. This one is not attached to any other house yet and it lies on its side.

This house ends with a pink base at the bottom right corner of the picture.
Picked up stitches and knitted upwards. Started a new tip to the left. This house is the top most right one.
From its side I picked up stitches and worked downwards, attaching both houses that were floating free with their tips on the “intersection”.
Then I cut yarn. It dangles there, on top of the little teal triangle.

I added the all blue house to tie things together. Added two triangles to make it more of a solid shape: the teal one in the bottom right and the larger one in the bottom left.

In some of the knitwear you see knots mid shape. This is because I had to frog the test knits, to keep the colours flowing.
These testknits:

All in all I’m very happy with my Modular Cape!

I love the colours. The spinning was such a freeing experience, to just go for it. That’s where the skein got its name: Happy Go Lucky.

And then to play around with modular knitting, to find the right shapes and meterage to go with the colour reports. That was fun to do, a fun puzzle to solve. That it actually worked and became a wearable garment has me chuffed to bits.

Now I have this soft shawl around my shoulders. In colours that do not particular flatter my face (although the blue and the overall darkness of them do work) but colours I love nonetheless. And my pin goes so well with it!

It’s the oak leaf pin I made and never wear because all my knits are cool colours. It’s from aluminium and I shaped and hammered it carefully, as not to break the copper coloured surface.


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