Wintertrui 2014: more borders and cuffs

Having decided upon 2×2 ribbing for the borders I casted on for the cuff of a sleeve:

I chose a cuff for a sleeve instead of continuing the bottom border of the cardigan because I want some part of the sleeves to be blue and cuffs are small pieces of garment to try out things. The stitches of bottom of the cardigan are safely parked. This is a new ball of yarn.

I’m also keeping an eye out for how much yarn will be left: wether I can do the sleeves in all blue or not.

The blue part of the body up until now used 137 grams of yarn. I can wrap this part around my arm easily so I learned that a sleeve will take a little less then 137 grams to knit in blue.

I’ve got 335 grams of blue yarn left. Out of this needs to come the bottom band and the collar and whatever’s left after that can go into the sleeves. Two hole blue sleeves would demand about 260 grams and that would leave only 75 grams for the border and collar. That won’t be enough. I think the collar will take about as much yarn as a sleeve would, 130 grams.

So Wintertrui 2104 won’t get two solid blue sleeves, they will have white shoulder caps.

That’s ok because white sleeve tops will go best with the white shrug part. This way the colour blocks are lumped together and won’t start a rythm of alternate white and blue. The contrary of lumped colours would be: white body, blue sleeves with white cuffs. That would be not very easy on the eye but instead draw its attention.

So, cast on for a sleeve cuff in 2 x 2 ribbing:

For the cast on I used the Double Start cast on. It gives a nice little flow to each pair of stitches and that flow catches the two k stitches in 2 x 2 ribbing. Can you see it, on the right side? Each pair of k2 end in a little loop that catches them both. Very nice looking.
I only learned this cast on last weekend. It’s very stretchy and it springs back. And looks good. This will be my go-to cast on for 2 x 2 ribbing from now on. Cuffs, socks, wrist warmers, mittens.

Unfortunately the 2 x 2 itself doesn’t look very appetizing in my handspun. Too much purls going on. Too much irregularity in the knit stithes. The cuff is also a bit tight, stretching the fabric even more. I really don’t like the look.

That’s why this cuff has two parts. One part 2 x 2 ribbing and one part 3 x 1. To see if I like the look of it better. I do.

To complete my study, because I knew I had to restart it anyway, with more stitches, I bound off temporarily to see wether this kind of 3 x 1 ribbing still prevents flipping of the border. If it does I can use it at the bottom band of the cardigan.

Temporarily bind off in the easiest way:

Hmm, this is not a very pretty look. A bit coarse. But lets look at the flipping. There’s still a bit of tendency to curl. But it doesn’t show when I wear it:

Looking at the right part of this picture I like the look of this 3 x 1 cuff. I prefer it to the 2 x 2 ribbing. (I will have to think about the actual bind off for the bottom border of the cardigan. This is not the one I’ll use. But at least it won’t flip.)

Having decided on 3 x 1 ribbing I cast on for the cuff for real (again): 3 x 1 ribbing, Tillybuddy’s Stretchy Cast On (no use for the Double Start cast on when there’s no 2 x 2 rythm) and 36 stitches in total.

If the sleeve cuffs work I will continue the bottom band in 3 x 1 ribbing and bind off.

I knit away for a while and then was able to test my cuff:

Regular Tillybuddy’s cast on, 3 knits, one purl.

It looks allright…. but mediocre. Still the handspun makes things look very homemade. It makes things look so… coarse. I don’t like this. It’s not “light flowing snow dress”. Am I trying something an irregular aran handspun just cannot give? Do I need to get white commercial spun cuffs?

That will alternate a lot of blue and white going from the shrug to the shoulder cap to the sleeve to the cuff…. do I need to knit all white sleeves? I’ll have a lot of blue left. That might mean a calf length cardigan…

Pfff. What now?

Well, looking at the pictures above I realized I had one more trick up my sleeve: add a row of *k2tog, YO* and knit a few rows.

Since this cuff has become another study swatch I knitted it. Do you see where this is going?

Picot edge baby! Just fold the fabric double at the k2tog, YO row:

Best look yet, I feel.

Will look good at the bottom of the cardigan too. And I’m sure I can think of something to make this work in the collar too. (Sideways? But what about the buttonholes!?)

Something coming to mind rightaway are the Reading Mitts. Those have picots and a row of YO. (I want to have YO’s in a continous row for button holes, so the position of the holes does not have to be fixed precisely.)

These have picot bind off, not picot hem, but I’m sure I can solve that problem. And the purl rows will echo the purl and knit stitch Flourish Design on the back panel. I like that.

At least this pattern shows me it looks good in irregular handspun:


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