Wintertrui 2014: cuff solution.

I cast on with a handspun that’s pleasant to wear next to skin.

I held it double so the thickness would match the minty handspun aran weight. I cast on 32 st and knitted for 7,5 cm.

Two rows before the “turn row” I changed to the minty. Now the other handspun won’t show much when I wear the cuffs.

After the turn row I  knitted for about another 7,5 cm. Then it was time to knit one row together with the cast on row. (I used Tillybuddy’s stretchy cast on which not only is stretchy but also provided a nice edge to pick up stitches from)

I took special care to have the hem/inside of the cuff stretch a little bit longer than the outside. This way the outside won’t “lubber”, like old paint does:lubberverf


After I knitted the two fabrics together I increased to 36 stitches because the difference in thickness between the sleeve and the cuff was considerable.

I did the second cuff too, while the numbers and movements were still fresh in my mind.

Then I returned to the bottom border of the cardigan:

Same trick but in another sequence. I knitted the turn row of k2tog, YO, knit two more rows and then changed to the lighter handspun. This time I used it as a single yarn (my cuffs got really bulky!).
I knitted until I thought the hem had the appropriate width/length. I didn’t bind off but took a crochet hook and hooked it, very loosely, to a knitted row.

Looking at the picture from right to left you see I first started on too low a row. I didn’t account for the length/depth of the crocheted stitch. You can see the hem started to sag.

It took about the length of 17 picots before I could no longer deny it. I changed to a row higher up to see if that would be enough. But still it sagged.
So I moved up another row and did a few more stitches to see if that was ok. It was.
With that this had became a swatch/study and after I took this picture I ripped out the bind off and started anew, attaching the hem at the appropriate knit row.

After the hem is finished I’ll be starting the collar. A wide collar, there’s about 20 cm that needs to be bridged.
A wide collar with pockets in it. And there need to be button holes. And I’ll need to try it on because there’re bound to be some shortrows: I don’t need a high handspun collar in my neck. The white is already fairly high in the back (which is just as well because then that will touch my skin and not the handspun).

I have a couple of busy days ahead of me, I don’t think I have much time to knit on this and blog about it.

The two cuffs:


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