February sweater ends in November.

This is my February Sweater Stientje back when it was fresh off the needles:

Made from a single handspun Veluws Heideschaap with a yoke of handspun in colours that compliment my face.
I made it in February 2013 and have worn it a lot since then. The Heideschaap grew very ragged. Probably because it’s a single. Singles don’t hold the fibres very well.

I did wear it all the time, especially when working outdoors. It got dirty beyond washing. I love this sweater. I use it.

But nowadays the sweater is too ragged. I can’t look at myself anymore when I wear it….
As I’m stalled on the smurf minty sweater a bit (gotta thing about button holes) and have lots of the white Donegal heather yarn left, this is what happened today, November 30th 2014:

This is the sweater this evening: the first few rows of a new body and Lillepoes happy with her new blanket:


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