Weird Wool Wednesday: Happy Hoppin’ ‘n POPpin’

I don’t know what happened.

One moment I’m working on Wintertrui 2014, my main project at the moment:

then I only briefly borrow its 4,5 mm needle to knit a new body on February sweater while I think about Wintertrui’s buttonband:

next thing I know I’ve yanked the needle out of that sweater too and:

I’m knitting circles.
POP blanket circles.
Green POP circles!
In yarn that’s half acrylic

I bought the yarn on Monday, when I visited a knitter friend in Oostkapelle, near the sea in the very south west of the Netherlands:

We had tea and we knitted and they helped me choose buttons for Wintertrui and then she made us a traditional fish delicatesse prepared in butter. (Now I’m spoiled for it, slibtong/sliptong! A thin Dove sole, I guess.)

We walked around the town a bit and she took us to Atelier Bernardien, a local yarnshop that also has fabrics, clothing and haberdashery. Such a nice shop and impressively stocked! We don’t have anything like that in the towns in east of the country where I live. (Nor the city where I’m at now.)

Everywhere we looked we found another gem. Buttons. Fat quarters. Traditional woven cloth. Icelandic single spun yarn. Linnen yarn. Silk yarn. Ribbons of tiger print fun fur. Soft merino’s. Kid’s silk haze. Anything and everything was there! And lots of buttons buttons buttons. The interesting kinds.

Yes, it’s a lovely shop. And it was a lovely visit. Her farm has sheep and deer and ducks and chickens. One deer ate out of my hand! There were also young deer and they hopped around, in that particular way they do. All happy and excited and glad to have funny legs and a mum nearby.
(I couldn’t find a fitting video but this lamb has the happy hopping down too:)

Now think a young deer, with spots on its belly!
It was a joy to watch.

At the end of the day we went to the sea.
There’s something about Dutch people and the North Sea…

On Monday the sea was grey, a warm grey but not too warm. The colour of the sand was warm. There were lots of razor shells.
The sea was not only grey but also green and blue, but only from the corner of the eye. It was all very light and uplifting.
It was magnificent.
So much room to breathe.

We walked a bit until the golden light was gone and we were starting to get cold. Then we hopped into the car and I drove back.

In my belly I had the fish and in my bag I had the souvenir yarn from Atelier Bernardien. And also some handmade biaisband (biasband) and some fabric that’ll make a great center front panel in an otherwise red dress:
Voorpand hertenstofje

(still doesn’t explain the green POP dots)
(also: I think I might need more than one circular needle 4,5 mm)


3 thoughts on “Weird Wool Wednesday: Happy Hoppin’ ‘n POPpin’

  1. Wat een héérlijke dag.. 🙂
    (daar gá je onverwachte/intuïtieve dingen van doen, snap de groene POP dots hélemaal.. 🙂 )

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