gifts from Saint Nic

It was a lovely evening yesterday! Celebrating the birthday of Saint Nicholas and giving gifts anonymously to each other, with witty poems attached to them.
I thought I’d sow you the knitterly gifts I received from Sinterklaas.

first of all: yarn!

two skeins of….. DONEGAL 3PLY!! Bought at the actual yarn mill in Ireland! By Sinterklaas, of course. When he was on holiday there, with Zwarte Piet, only last month.

She, Sinterklaas, reads this blog too and was laughing her head off whilst I’ve been talking about this yarn for weeks now and contemplating buying more.
Imagine her shock when I announced yesterday that I, in fact, had bought more of this yarn. And her relief when the yarn turned out to be blue!

It was so funny, unwrapping this. And now I’ve got more white! I could dye a bit of this. Combine colours. A hat…. wristwarmers… I’m so looking forward to using this!

With it came two handmade ceramic buttons. Hedgehogs! So lovely!

What do you think, hedgehogs on the Donegal hat or on the wristwarmers?
They are adorable!
Hopefully a new item in the etsy store of Wolop.

Typical things a knitter needs: a notebook, a pen and an eraser.

Next: a spindle! A 3D printed turkish spindle:

It’s kinda plastic and shiny and novelty item. But it spins and it’s a fun thing that you can bring with you anywhere because it’s sturdy. Shiny purple is always fun. Thank you Sinterklaasje!

Sinterklaas was a bit concerned a plastic spindle wouldn’t thrill me to the core so that’s why she blew my mind with this:

a high end turkish spindle!
This one’s small and delicate and a dream to spin with. It spins on and on!
Made from a beautiful dark wood brought over from Japan, with an oak shaft. Lovely materials to touch (I’m such a tactofile!)
Handmade by Wolop.
It came with a tin to transport it in and a long sliver of blue fibre to practise with. Such a thoughtful presentation.

Now check this out: leaf printing.

It’s a cotton shirt that’s been pretreated with alum and something else. And then eucalyptus leaves were pressed on it, for hours and hours. In heat. Or soil. I don’t know. Magic. Check out the site of leaf print artist India Flint if you want to learn more.

This concludes the knitter/spinner/dyer gifts from Sinterklaas but here’s a picture of all my loot:

Two gifts are not in the picture. Two jars of coconut skin creme for the face, they are already on my nightstand.
And a special set of glasses to be worn at night, when driving. They work anti-glare. They’re already in the car, I used them last night.
Oh and another thing is not in the picture! My Danish Dripping Machine. A mesmerishing hourglass with blue and green oil… it’s at the home office of my husband, otherwise known as our dinner table, and keeps us entertained when we’re there.
A fourth thing is not in the picture! A ceramic slab on which you can rest your brushes. It’s in dark clay, it looks so solid and contemplative. Absolutely right for when I start painting again (January 1st?)

I want to mention the sewing pattern by Deer & Doe, a small independent pattern maker in France. Such a difference from the usual flimsy patterns you get from the Big Box pattern pushers such as Vogue, Burda and the like. Different in body shape too. I am very curious!

There’s a book about SciFi series Firefly. I love contemplating things and this book is full of invitations to think about the ‘verse.

There’s a lemon zest scraper so I have one in the cabin and one in the city and can make apple pie everywhere!
A gnome lady fridge magnet. Because I should remember my secret identity always.
Moustached candles to keep my cool AND save me from freezing to death when I strand somewhere with the car.
A big BIG bowl that goes into the oven. I prefer to bake in glass or ceramics and this is one BIG bowl. That will be some pie!
A lovely tin with foxes on it, from German designers’ label Mr.Sinterklaas bought this at our local thingy-shop Werk Aan De Winkel, where I regularly buy gifts for my friends. It’s great the Sint found his way there for me too!
A plastic tin with little glass stems in it. These are ideal to use in enamelling. Which I’m itching to do again! How can the months just zoom by? It was only yesterday I enamelled for the first time and knew I’d found a new passion and vouched to do it again asap…
A funny glass x-mas bulb. I love glass x-mas bulbs! I happened to mention that I broke my weird little hippo bulb some time ago and now I have a new one, a weird little pig one.
And a yellow cakeform to make little bee shaped cakes in. For Summer!

Sinterklaas knitted something for my husband too:

A soft warm hat, from alpaca yarn. Because the Sint knows my husband is a yarn snob and only wants soft soft yarn.

We also got a mug each, but they were not from Sinterklaas and only given reluctantly because the creator wasn’t satisfied with their technical execution. We of course love them!

I did some knitting for Sinterklaas too and made these wristwarmers:

Made from Finnish sheep yarn. In gorgeous green and orange. I nearly didn’t want to give them away, they are making me so happy. They made the recipient happy too, she wore them all evening and they are precisely good for her particular brand of cold hands. They suit her amazingly well, it’s clear they are 100% hers 🙂
Pattern Fox Wristwarmers. On needles 3,75mm.

The pattern is in both English and Norwegian and the Norwegian brought me a happy memory. I once encountered a fox on a Norwegian mountain. It was tramping and stamping up the mountain and I stood at the top, waiting and frighted.
Then I saw who made the noise and it saw me and instantly grew ashamed of its racket.
The look on its face was so funny! It stood there for a moment transfixed. Then hid its head behind a leaf.
Such a lovely animal 🙂

Let’s wrap up this post with pictures of another lovely animal: Mimi the Turkish Van that is the cat of the home we visited yesterday.


and totally nutters.


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