nice edge on an aran sweater

Februari Sweater has got a new body and one sleeve. I did bust darts and waist shaping. And then some extra short rows in the back because appearantely I did too much short rows in the front because the bottom was not hanging level.
Oh well. That’s knitting for you: add a bit here, add a bit there.

It’s a lovely knit. Nice yarn and mindless rounds.
By now I know how to proceed with mint blue handspun Wintertrui 2014 but in these busy days I enjoy the mindless knitting on this one and will finish this first.

Only one sleeve to go and I’ve made note of the numbers I used in the first sleeve. For this sleeve I used this pattern as a reference:

Endless Stashbuster by Vera Sanon

It’s a “principle pattern” where the principle of a top down sweater is explained and you have to tailor it to your own gauge. Vera Sanon gave it as a free pattern with the numbers for gauge 14 st/10 cm as an example.

That’s exactly the gauge I’m knitting this aran weight with and it’s so nice to compare notes. It stopped me from knitting too tight a sleeve before I reached the elbow. That’s a first.

(I don’t understand how people get this gauge with chunky weight yarn… or get an aran yarn to squeeze into 18 stitches per 10 cm.)

Here’s the border I chose for Februari Sweater:

Neat eh?
It combines knit and purl stitches with slipped stitches.

For the border and cuffs I had to solve the same problems I had for Wintertrui 2014: prevent flipping, prevent curling, have a nice edging to my sweater. And, as a bonus, think about a cardigan in the blue Donegal aran that arrived on Saint Nicholas’ day. (it’s burning in the stash!)

Usually ribbing (a combination of knit and purl stitches) takes up more space than plain stockinette stitch and you have to reduce the number of stitches (by about 10% when k1,p1) or knit the border in a smaller needle.

But this one evens out beautifully. No decreases necessary.
I very much like the look it gives, especially when the slipped lines are sometimes brought upwards into the stockinette stitch section and get a little decoration.

Like the little decoration in pattern Lauriel, by Ysolda Teague:

Ideas, ideas. Just finish this sweater. Finish the Wintertrui cardigan. And realize that idea in yarn!

When I finished the body of Februari Sweater I bound off going the right way. But I noticed the nicest edge of the bind off was situated on the inside.
So when I came at the edge of the sleeve I bound off the cuff the other way around, going the wrong way, and it now has its nice edge now showing.

(I hope the photo below shows it, it’s raining heavily here and I don’t have good light.)

I like this look very much and I’ll undo the bind off of the body and redo it, counter wise.


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