Wintertrui 2014: collar and pockets.

Right. This is where Wintertrui 2014 is at:

Back and front knitted. Hem done. Collar with inbuilt pockets in progress. And two loose sleeve cuffs not in the picture.

The collar was done with the live stitches on the white fabric and picking up stitches from the blue (green?) at 3 stitches for every 4 rows.

The pockets were done while I knitted the collar. I hocuspocused them, I didn’t really know what I was doing.
To prevent curling I decided upon Double Knitting which I’d never done before.

The collar has lots of short rows in it because the back of the neck is high enough already. The pockets were started at the same time when I knitted the first row of picked up stitches: when I came at the lower edge of the cardigan I cast on about 43 stitches. 40 stitches for a double knit border of the pocket and 3 stitches for an i-cord at the bottom of the cardigan/pocket.

I worked the collar downwards, then the i-cord, went up the pocket outer side, wrapped and turned and went down, to the i-cord and then up the collar again (starting with the inside of the pocket).

There’s an i-cord at the bottom…

I didn’t particularly know what I was doing with the double knitting. All I knew was: twice as many stitches, knit ribbing, *knit2tog* when long enough.
What I did was: knit upwards *slip 1, k1*.
Then Wrap & Turn
downwards: *k1, sl1*

After a while I realized this meant I was only knitting the outer pocket fabric effectively once while the rest of the collar got two turns: one RS row k all, one WS row k all.
So that’s when I started to make it up to the pocket front and working it extra, turning when I came down at the i-cord point and knitting up the pocket once more.
And again.
Until I got about 7 RS rows in. Then I halved the stitches and hurried along to the other side of the collar to knit that and its pocket while I still remembered what I’d been doing.

It’s all kind of hazy now…
And ruffled:

Because I didn’t cast on 43 stitches but 46 or possibly more. Can’t tell you why. Probably chocolate interfering with brain functions.
I did notice the ruffling while working the pocket and started to decrease a bit here and there. Not enough.
The second pocket got 40 (+3) stitches and not one more.
It still ruffled.

Now that I’ve read a tutorial on Double Knitting I have learned this can best be done on needles two sizes smaller than the ones used for plain stockinette stitch.
Makes sense since you’re basically doing ribbing, with double threads.
Hence ruffles.

Anyway. I’m not reknitting the pockets, because that would mean ripping out the collar entirely.
I’ll try and tighten up the pocket entrances by adding a crochet chain on the inside. Or a woven ribbon.

But first finish the collar.
It now reaches halfway my body so this would be the ideal placement for button holes.

I want the button band to be double knit. It’s sturdy, it won’t curl and it goes with the pockets. I’ll use smaller needles.

At the end I will knit together the two sides of the pockets and they will be nice and cosy to put my hands in.


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