Weird Wool Wednesday: not wearing mittens #2

The octopus mittens have made something clear: I adore mittens. Yet I want to wear wristwarmers all the time. Not mittens.

But there are so many lovely mitten designs out there! I want to knit them all. Own them all!
For example these lovely dandelion mittens I yearn for every Spring:

Dandelion Mittens by Natalia Moreva

But who needs mittens in Spring? I don’t. Not even dandelion mittens.
But I do need dandelions in wool on my hands!

So here’s my solution:
Dandelion handwraps. Mitts. Wristwarmers.

Dandelion mitts

It’s the same pattern as the mittens but without the thumb gusset or the decreases in the top.

They are knitted by the lovely Yarncontaminated with Evilla like yarn from Wool & Yarn that I provided. The greens are fabric dyed colours, the yellow is white that I dyed myself. The purple is another shetland type yarn I tripped over in the stash and it’s combined with a strand of Lang Yarn Alpaca Superlight, for fluffiness. To resemble the dandelion fluff. The fluff doesn’t show yet.

These mitt(en)s are knit at a very tight gauge and the alpaca halo didn’t get a chance to wriggle free yet. But perhaps with use it will.
A tight gauge is good, it will prevent wear (which is the reverse of the halo showing, I could have guessed)

Dandelion mitts

It’s stranded knitting which means a double layer of warmth. They’re lovely to wear when my hands are resting on the cold metal of the Apple laptop ( = a MacBook I think. It’s silver.)
There’s no thumb because frankly I don’t particular like the restraint around my finger.
They wear like superlong sleeves. Which is comfortable. My hands hide in them and are warm.

Dandelion mitts

I think I’ve found a way to wear ALL THE MITTENS


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