Wintertrui 2014: button band finished.

I took up Pieknits on her tutorial about a double knitted button band and increased all my stitches and worked in double knitting for a while. Tedious work. Each row took an hour. Stitches didn’t really fit on my circular cable (80 cm). Lots of fiddling each time I rounded the corner to the pocket which had to be done on needle 4,5 mm while the double knitting is done on 4 mm.
Anyway, I got it done.

When it was time to put in the button holes I marked where they ought to go, with safety pins:

I chose seashell buttons I’ve had in my button box for years. I saved them from the store bought cardigan I wore on my first job as a city planner, long long ago in a place far far away. It was in a town called “Bright Mouth” and I was the youngest person in management ever. And female to boot. Most people had been working there for 20 years and didn’t know what to make of this young pup.
My clothes had to broadcast professionalism and I wore a hiplong cardigan in charcoal matt silk. I’m not sure it worked, I think my bright eyes and eager laugh negated the effect.

On top of being weird and out of place that whole town was suffering from an embarrassment about the name “Bright Mouth”, because the ancient word for “bright” nowadays means “hell” in my language. People, especially those working in City Development and City Maintainance who naturally feel a genuine love for the bricks, the streets, the spaces and the people, found it hard to be proud of a city named “Hell Mouth”. It was so weird. Their love and pride of the place was tangible. As was their embarrassment.
A strange place. Strange young professional.
Nice buttons though.

I bound off for the first button hole per Pieknits tutorial. This didn’t work for me as the live stitches were too tight to make an acceptable bind off. Instead I bound off in the usual way (with new knitted stitches) and planned to cast on new stitches in the next row:

I did do some reinforcing of the first and last stitch:

On the next row I cast on new stitches, with cable cast on:

I cast on one more stitch than I had bound off, knitting the last stitch together with the existing one. Btw, in double knitting you treat the two strands here as one:

In the next row I knit every strand apart, not together. This gave me the initial amount of stitches and I continued double knitting. I did do some fiddling about, dropping a stitch to reinforce a button hole edge some more here and there.

Hours and hours (aka two days) later:

Done! Nice!
What a beautiful edge:

Ahh… I like this button band. It’s sturdy. No curling. No stretching. No waves.

Except those pockets… they are kind of wavey.


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