New Old Louet Wheel and two sleeves and trees in progress.

Remember that old battered Louet S70 I found at the thrift store?
It’s now restored, given new flashy bits and polished with coconut oil:

Love it!

It will stay in the city, together with my all round wheel (which still has white Long Draw Hampshire Down on it from … Spring 2014sssh)
My other Louet S70 stays in the cabin, it has green Long Draw Dutch Sheep on it, for sweater Sprig. (my good resolution for 2015)

Oh, how I love this type Louet! Solid oak, I can spin worsted and woolen on it, lace and thick yarn and various types of artyarn. Love it!
I’d love to spin right here and now. But I can’t, I’m knitting.

The progress on sleeves of the Wintertrui 2014 is slow but steady. Sleeves take up about as much knitted fabric as a front panel or a back panel. And I’m knitting two at a time so that’s a lot of stitches. It also makes my shoulder hurt (Another Good Resolution for 2015: see doctor about this. And listen to Dutch Wool Diva who advised me to see a Manual Therapist about it because posture plays a role in this for sure)

Now with the holidays there are some car trips and visits where I can knit so I might finish these this year.
I love how I only spend my time this holidays with people who like me knitting!

Happy Holidays everybody!
Here’s our tree. I put the empty boxes of the decorations under the tree. As well as the waffle iron we’ll be using on Friday and the weekend. It looks like presents! (we don’t have presents with Christmas, we have them on Saint Nicholas day. With witty poems to poke fun of our loved ones.)

This is a fake tree.
But I’m a real tree kinda woman. Who is tired of seeing real x-mas trees being hacked up every year and die in shops and streets and houses. Tired also of seeing the ones with roots eventually wither away in the garden. But a fake tree… is fake. It made me sad last year, the plastic phoney.
So this year I brought some pruning of the hedge around the cabin with me to the city to create some sort of garland or wreath in the sitting room. It smells amazing!

Some assembly still required.

Kersttakken 2014

Hmm. I’m in a bit of a hurry. How about a quick Abstract Expressed X-mas Decoration?

Kersttakken 2014

Maybe not. In the end I’m just another slave to convention:

Kersttakken 2014

Besides, I needed some greens to frame this lovely bird with. And the pinecones are chocolate and I don’t like chocolate in abstract art anyway. Or any art. I like chocolate in ma belly!

Kersttakken 2014


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