Weird Wool Wednesday: seeing the point

I spend so many hours knitting the pockets, thinking up the button band and making it just right. Binding off was a tedious task in which I had to take care to maintain the same tension. It was a long block of concentration. Afterwards I spend a good hour sewing in all the threads.
Worth it:

I was so proud when I finished it.
I sat back. Admired my work. Admired the neat button holes, the nice edge and the way the pockets had come into existence on the very last row, the bind off row.

Then I turned the collar, to admire the inside.


In Dutch we have an expression, for when you no longer see the point of something. It literally translates into “I no longer see the hole”.

Which is kind of the point. With button holes. To keep seeing the holes.
All those hours of concentration and not once did I realize I was closing the pocket shut over the button holes!

Well. After some more sighing and head shaking I used my reading glasses to find the sewn in ends and undid the bind off at the pocket. I then redid it, making the pocket close in front of the button holes. I took some spare yarn and sewed the pocket shut and then bind off. And then sewed in all the threads.

Once again, I can see the hole of things.


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