Wintertrui 2014: ripping out the sleeves.

Gauge on my handspun is not the same as gauge on the Donegal Heather yarn, these sleeves are too wide.

I also have no good idea how to knit this sleeve onto the armhole. The only solution I know of is knitting a sleeve shape flat -following perhaps the pattern of a sewing pattern or of a knitted sweater- and sewing it into the hole afterwards.
This does not particularly enthuse me.

It rather feels like it would become one of those things that needs to be done, to be pushed through. A chore. And I’m not particular good with knitting chores…

I’ve decided to change course to a more lu(di)crific path: rip out the sleeves apart from the two existing cuffs. Knit the sleeves topdown from the armholes. See if I’ll get there with the existing yarn and otherwise have a white band around the wrist.

… I also may have cast on a new cardigan with the blue Donegal Heather Yarn. Which uses the same needle as the sleeves do…

The last day of this year I will spend with Peabody Sweater to close up its shoulders. A technique I’ve never done before and I cannot visualize easily although I’ve tried:

but it didn’t work.

Which is why it’s been laying around for two years since I knitted it.
By now I have a sneaky suspicion I knitted that sweater too tight all over. That I won’t be wearing it with pleasure, once finished. That it would be better to rip out and start anew…

Oh and buttons for Cocoberry shawl: I’ve bought darling buttons in Utrecht. Mislaid them. Bought new ones on the market in my city. Have already sewn on half of them so there’s progress there.
(But I don’t like what I’ve done so far. Contemplate redoing them.)

Hmmm. Ripping sleeves, considering ripping Peabody, wanting to redo Cocoberrybuttons… I would do better to keep my inner knitter perfectionista at arms length for the remainder of the year:

(ooooh, this picture by Dennis Elema makes me want to continue knitting on my little Dragon Cardi!!)

(but no no no. It’s on small needles and they make my shoulder hurt more. Seeing the doctor about that on the 6th of January. A good little dragon I am.)


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