Cast on: Donegal Deco Cardi

For the longest time I’ve been wanting to knit a cardigan with Art Deco decoration.
Last year I looked at stranded knitting for that. Earlier this year I tried to start it in brioche stitch because that was easier on my shoulder. And recently I trawled the Ravelry pattern database and Pinterest for Art Deco garments and got so inspired!

And now, in the last days of 2014, I’ve actually cast on with a design all ready in my head and with gauge spot on!

Here’s a neck hole, shoulders, front and back panels and two sleeves all on one needle! And on one cat!

It’s a top down cardigan, in that blue Donegal Heather aran weight that magically appeared in my house around Saint Nicholas’ birthday. Needles are 4,5 mm and a gauge of 14 stitches to 10 cm (= 4 inches)

The pattern says to cast on with a provisional cast on but I was seated under the cat and did not have waste yarn within reach. I used Tillybuddy’s stretchy cast on and just picked up stitches. You can barely see! It’s at the small indentations on top of the shoulders.

The design will be plain on top (as to provide a stage for the sparkling details of shawls, jewellery and my face) and will feature that beautiful slipped stitch ribbing I used in February Sweater.

Leading up (down) to the ribbing will be some features as inspired Lauriel, from Ysolda Teague:

The beauty of this feature is threefold:

  1. it’s beautiful
  2. it’s worked top down
  3. it’s set in plain stockinette stitch. Usually features and cables are set in reverse stockinette stitch. Ysolda marks the outline of the feature with stitches through the back loop with make the stitches rotate a bit. Clever.

must change bottom of feature so it will line up with a single slipped stitch column.

The cardigan pattern I’m using is Viola: Short-sleeved cardigan by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes
It’s in the book French Girl Knits and has the same gauge I knit the Donegal in. I love it when I don’t have to think and can just follow instructions. My mind is then free to do other things such as listen to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, read by Stephen Fry. Or think about the universe of Serenity.

It has a button band worked sideways so I can play a little with how roomy the cardigan will be. I’ll again use the slipped stitch ribbing which comes from the pattern Deco by Kate Davies:

One of the Art Deco patterns that provided inspiration.

And it’s showing a cardigan over a fun dress!
I love fun dresses, I’m trying to make some. I’ve just made one practise dress from the pattern I got at Saint Nicholaas’ birthday: Bleuet Dress by Deer & Doe. My dress is not good enough to show you but here’s the pattern. With a bow in the back!


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